Union Station, Denver, Colorado 


Union Station
 Denver, Colorado

From the window of the Streetcar Stables Building at 17th Street and Wynkoop Street, I view the beautiful Union Station across the street.  A strong facade with tall windows and the Union Station sign atop and a gentle curve to compliment the windows below.

Union Station is simply a very impressive structure and occupies the leading role of the area.

The Oxford Hotel, Wynkoop Brewing Company, Streetcar Stables, and The Ice House surround the entrance to the grand station.  With the rebirth of those buildings, near the same time, the north and south wings of Union Station were being demolished.  I photographed the interior of the Wynkoop Brewing Company during its birth; I could see the demolition of the north wing out the window.

On each side of the main terminal, parking lots were present.  Cars filled the north lot, and the tractor trailers of the Post Office covered the south lot. The south lot even had its own little gas station with two pumps. 

The prominent Union Station was exactly between the Ice House and the massive Post Office Annex Terminal building, all along Wynkoop Street. 

We will continue our journey from the front of Union Station and work our way around the station in a large circle.

The huge Post Office structure was at the corner of Wynkoop Street and the 15th Street Viaduct to the south of Union Station.  The Wazee Super Club was nearby at one end of the viaduct, and My Brothers Bar at the other end of the viaduct. The tiny Moffat Train Station was in the middle of the viaduct, as well as the Monarch Mills building. The 15th Street Viaduct offered wonderful views of Union Station from above and below. At the Moffat Station, walking north, the 16th Street Viaduct was straight ahead in the open, and vast fields lay directly behind Union Station.  Once again, enormous views from above and below the viaduct offered great photo opportunities.

Walking under the viaduct, now between the 16th Street viaduct and 20th Street viaduct, I looked to the east and the back of Union Station; it was just as beautiful, a mirror view of the front.  Now rabbits and birds made their home on this side of the station, peaceful in the fields.

Getting closer to the terminal, the passenger/train platforms were present. The platforms provided access and cover for its visitors. The platforms were beautiful as well, long and horizontal, clinging to the ground. Always in view of the station, the curves of the top of the platforms framed the wonderful view of Union Station, it was magic.

The 20th Street Viaduct completes our journey at the north boundary of the Union Station area. 

From the Highlands neighborhood, the viaduct spanned the the Platte River and valley, into the area just north of Union Station. 

The imploded Firemen's Grain building was nearby, now the main entrance to Coors Field.  The 20th Street viaduct also offered fantastic views from above and below of Union Station and the Ice House as well. The north end of the station is were the trains entered and exited the terminal with their signature horns and whistles that would rumble by, vibrating the ground. All aboard! - Kim Allen




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