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May 2018 
North Downtown
Silver Laundry, Benjamin Moore and McGinity Bldgs. at Broadway/Brighton Blvd.  1986
Silver Laundry, Benjamin Moore and McGinity Buildings at Broadway/Brighton Blvd    1986
As part of 10, this scene was recently purchased by a loft in the area of  Broadway/Brighton Boulevard/Blake/Walnut streets.  Thank you! 

I do not publish private buildings of sales — preference of privacy for both parties.

Installed framed prints with many residents, an interesting dynamic.

Learning and fun.  Thank you!

This area was the next section of lower downtown moving north as the process of "development".  I measured areas by space between the viaducts that were prominent roadways. 

This process is normal in a good economy, the reverse is true of a poor economy.

The word "gentrification" has been used often.........................

It is largely of timing of one's life age and income, combined with a particular time of the cycle of a building "boom".

Good for some, bad for others.

The childhood home and neighborhood of 18 years for me, has regressed. 

It hurts real bad for me.

It is good for them.

I try my best to the end - it followed a normal process.

I saw it coming; I had always moved closer to, the future. 

North downtown has evolved into River North (RiNo), to established Elyria, Swansea and Globeville neighborhoods. 

Stock show, CSU involvement, Riverside Cemetery, beer, wine, food, and weed.

A little bite for everyone, some good, some bad.

Thank you loft residents. You jumped into your homes and lifestyle at a great time!

 - Kim Allen
December 2017/January 2018 
5280 Home Magazine
Guide to Rino, "History Lesson"
 - by Daliah Singer, 5280 staff writer
 From 23rd St. looking north on Blake St. Brighton Bld. beyond   1985
From 23rd Street looking north on Blake Street,
Brighton Boulevard and beyond     1985
Daliah Singer writes of Denver's 1980's-1990's area north of lower downtown as it followed the Platte River north to the Globeville area and I-70 Interstate.

Names of Mickey Zeppelin, Kyle Zeppelin, Tracy Weil, and Jill Hadley Hooper illustrate the journey of a rapidly changing community with their tireless passion as part of the community development/arts.

I know them all; we have been around for awhile...we have seen a lot of fast talkers.

The move north was "normal" - follow the river to I-70 and Globeville area.  The vast area of Western Stock Show land, Elyria and Swanzia communities will eventually evolve into an identity of their own.

Additionally, the mind blowing Riverside Cemetery, a scene in my own mind from the TV series Twilight Zone.

Globeville and near communities will add our history from the beginning of a complex stew of ever-evolving ingredients of our humanity - Mickey Zeppelin in particular, then his son Kyle.  Paid their dues, been a step ahead.


My photo of RiNo 1980's is a companion to the article by Daliah Singer (5280 Home 2017-2108).

Thank you.
 - Kim Allen
September 2, 2017 
CIRCA Building
1615 North Platte Street
Denver, Colorado 80202
Long lines of a viaduct, round, wooden cylinder of a water tower...

Once eras or streetcars, trains or saddles - eras go in cycles if you live long enough to observe change. 
It us a circle.  CIRCA

The round bike path at Platte Street and 16th Street; Circa surrounds it!

CIRCA is considered innovative as a tribute to a name for a building.

Stacie Feinstein, Fine Art Consulting from Seattle contacted me; she knows art, she respects art.

The location of CIRCA is at the northwest corner of Platte Street and 15th Street (Riverfront/Highlands).

CIRCA - a four story class A office and retail from Unico Properties of Seattle has invested in Denver.

A special thank you to Stacie Feinstein for quality work, respect of clients/artists and ultimately, the viewer.

Here is a preview of two images that will be inside the CIRCA.
From 16th St. Viaduct over Platte St. - looking S.E. into lower downtown Denver. 1989
From 16th Street Viaduct over Platte Street, looking southeast
 into lower downtown Denver      1989
From 15th St. Viaduct looking N.E. at Colorado Saddlery building. 1983
From 15th Street Viaduct looking northeast at Colorado Saddlery building     1983
Enjoy - come see CIRCA in the future!

Please visit both links below - great work for many communities of design and art - part of us.

Stacie Feinstein Fine Art Consulting
CIRCA Building
Unico Properties
Open Studio Architects
August 15, 2017 
BORN Hotel
1600 N. Wewatta Street
Denver, Colorado 80202

Walking and photographing was clearly planted in the present - my subject matter was considered to be of the past.  I knew the intersection of old and new would occur in Denver.  Lower downtown was the heart of early Denver - it would be reborn!

The BORN Hotel (Kimpton) has included my work with 32 Denver artists. Thank You.  Our work is extremely relevant - some images are of the exact location.

A couple of surprising compositions: unique advertising signs and a personal residence American flag hanging out a window...together, these images are reborn to tell part of what will be our future.

Nine  prints 24"x36" are featured in very comfortable, large areas of the
2nd floor Apre Foyer and the entrance to the Copper Ballroom on the west end near wide stairs to the lobby just below.

My respect for Adam Lerner, MCA Director Chief - Chief animator, Department of Fictions as the art curator selecting a wide range of artistic talent of "old and new" Denver artists.

Thank you, Adam and staff.  Been waiting a long time for this special project Born.

Candice and I had a classy evening and stay - magical with excitement from a long journey!

Fellow artist, Phil Bender, shared a moment with me in the "alley" as we celebrated - as we always have as hippies, ceremonial, you know.  Candi, Phil and I rocked!

The Kimpton hotel company believed in Denver; they have delivered on being progressive and have built a mystical black brick jewel...the BORN hotel is a very cool place!

Literally only feet from a train at Denver Union Station...on the 16th Street Mall and Wewatta Street.

Continuum Partners of Denver made this project happen.  Their office is next door to Born.  Mark Falcone, CEO and Founder of Continuum has been a pivotal and large visionary for Denver, and lower downtown Denver in particular.

Thank you to husband and wife, Mark Falcone and Ellen Bruss of EBD (Ellen Bruss Design)!

Below are 3 images.  Two are unique of signs...sign of the times - the past and changing times. 

The 3rd image tells an expansive long story...

The Changing Scene Theatre: Alleyway of 1527 Champa Street. 1994
The Changing Scene live theatre at 1527 Champa Street alley entrance     1994
Passenger platforms looking S.W. behind Denver Union Station. 1989 
Passenger platforms looking southwest behind Denver Union Station     1989
1528-1534 Wazee street, residence/flag and retail of heritage. 1989
1528-1534 Wazee street, residence/flag and retail of heritage     1989 
Welcome BORN. 

Please visit the Born!
Union Station Hotel Denver
Kimpton Hotel Born
June 2,   2016 
The Changing Scene Theatre: Alleyway of 1527 Champa Street. 1994
The Changing Scene Theatre: Alleyway of 1527 Champa Street     1994

The only thing constant, is change...

On our BLOGS section we have been able to stretch out and show more images, give some critical backgound information that compliments the art, and add some insight to our respect for Denver.

I have told you on more recent Blogs that I won't be writing monthly essays past the month of April 2016. Some may have missed the news from the Blog format, informing you I am no longer doing my blogs.  Sad, yes and no...


It has been tremendous.  Art and education have benefited.  My writing skills could have been better at times...I will write someday in depth on this whole gig.  I will write better for you, hopefully.  The photographs are the true stars, however. 

I am out here doing the next journey for us...The Changing Scene, you know...

Thank you to my wife, Candice Connally and webmaster, Janet James.

Thank you from all of us and our friends and vendors!

You all keep in touch.

Over and out for now.

Thank you.

- Kim Allen, June 2, 2016

November 1,   2015 
Monarch Mill on 15th and Delgany St. prior demo. - now location of MCA. 1991
Monarch Mill on 15th and Delgany Street, prior to demolition - now location of MCA     1991

This image is one of 4 as part of MCA Luminocity Gala fundraiser held October 22, 2015. 

The event was held on the 6th floor of the soon-to-be complete Triangle Building, located immediately southwest, across the street, behind Denver Union Station. 

My 4 framed images were bid/sold for $4,800.00.

I am not at liberty to disclose buyer's full name...I will say, Thank you, Amanda!  Enjoy! 

Thank you Adam Lerner and Nora Abrams and staff at MCA; we had a smashing time... 


August 20,   2015
The Man Behind the Denver Photo Archives - by Justin Martin 

I followed Justin Martin's Denver Urban Review last year and discovered a new generation man presenting photographs, text, development, and community work. 

Justin has an inert composition of photographic work and writes exceedingly well! 

The opportunity to do an interview by Justin was fun - glad he asked.

Justin's family has roots in southwest Denver – Harvey Park neighborhood, my neighborhood – as a youth/young adult.  Thanks Justin, nice interview. 

I very much enjoyed this process and interview with Justin Martin.  Excellent work, excited to see curiosity and energy pursuing a plan, a vision of Denver.  An interesting list of questions from another perspective, spanning decades...changing of the guard. 

Justin writes and photographs on various aspects of Denver development issues with news and thoughts for our community's growth on urban living environments. 

Viewers, please peruse Denver Urban Review

June 1,   2015
Dana Crawford biography by Mike McPhee 

Denver's most pioneering community woman preservationist and developer is written about by former Denver Post writer Mike McPhee.  Book design and editor, Judy Anderson. 

This book will contain a large number of photographs.  Some of them are mine, and I consider my work as companion to Dana.  Dana and I saw a lot of the same exact moments in lower downtown...been an incredible run.  Now the new and old combine, built on the shoulders of Dana Crawford. 

I have five images in the book; here is a sample of three of them.


Flour Mill Building 1986
Looking north at towering concrete Flour Mill Building - desolation     1986

Dana Crawford taxi 1990
Dana Crawford Taxi prior to purchase of Acme Bldg. 1990

Demo of North wing of Union Station    1988
On left, demo of north wing of Union Station and area. 1988

I recommend the purchase of this important urban book on many levels...

Value people of Denver, places of Denver. Enrich your life with prideful respect.

Jump in everyone; we are trying to swim together.

March 4,   2015
Platte Forum
2400 Curtis Street
Denver, CO 80205

Cole Bee Wilson and Friends – presenting "Lightning Bells and Wonder Bolts"

Jodi Pounds, the new Executive Director of Platte Forum, contacted me to photograph a series of photographs of Cole Bee Wilson working on his design of a piano being taken apart, wired for sound with light emanating through wires above, to illustrate the look of part of a musical performance. 

Cole Bee Wilson is an installation, performance and sound artist working from the cities of Santa Fe, N.M. and Austin, Texas. 

We live only blocks from the new location of Platte Forum.  I very seldom do this type of work, but was happy for Jodi and staff with an exciting future of youth oriented, community art programs.  Good luck everyone! 

The images I took a week prior to the event can be seen on the Platte Forum website.

February 12,   2015
Very S.W. corner of Central Platte Valley, looking into Denver. 1986
Very southwest corner of Central Platte Valley, looking into Denver     1986

This image is like a story from a Twilight Zone episode...eerie. 

It does not look real..the old West meets the New West. 

It is real.

Please visit this image as part of RTD's "Throwback Thursday" Facebook postings. 

Thank you.  Enjoy.

February 11,   2015
Moffat Station Depot; 15th St. Viaduct demo in foreground. 1991
Moffat Station Depot; 15th Street Viaduct demo in foreground     1991

This framed image, was purchased by JE Dunn Construction, and presented to Balfour Riverfront Community Wednesday at their grand opening event.  The image was given to the owners of Balfour – Michael Schonbrun and Susan Juroe. 

Thank you JE Dunn Construction! 

Enjoy to all at Balfour Riverfront, art and education as companions! 
Balfour at Riverfront Park

February 5,   2015
Behind Denver Union Station under passenger platforms     1986
Behind Denver Union Station, under passenger platforms     1986

Cadence at Union Station purchased two VERY large images from me last year that are inside the "Jazz Lounge" as part of the larger resident lobby, located on the ground floor main entrance on 17th Street. 

The other image purchased is of Stevie Wonder marquee at the Paramount Theatre; it is slightly out of view of the video presentation you are offered below...

The videos feature Arabella Beaubrun and guests performing some very tasty music!  Jazz Night, February 4, 2015 at Cadence Union Station

January 6,   2015

Some of the Wynkoop Brewing founding members: L-R John Hickenlooper, Mark Williams, Mark Schiffler, Russell Schehrer, and Holiday, the famous brew dog     1988

A good image is made better when a person in the image goes on to become the Mayor of later, on to his second term as Governor of Colorado. 

The new H.Q of the IMA Financial Company is located in the new, separate north wing building; it is a gem.  The IMA employee cafeteria is located on the first floor near the steps of the new pedestrian walkway to the west, over the Union Station rail tracks directly behind Union Station. 

My framed image of the above scene is seen through the window, facing south.  Enjoy.

November 4,   2014

The image below was sold to a prominent development company with projects nationally.  Vail and lower downtown Denver are part of their vast planning and development communities.


Under platforms at Denver Union Station     1985
Under train passenger platforms behind Denver Union Station     1985

Eddy Bowles, owner of The Corner Framing at Speer Boulevard and 32nd Avenue, framed 5 large 16" x 24" images that look excellent – triple matte with wonderful accent colors and a classic black frame...classy work, Eddy. 

You and your staff are doing great work.  Thank you very much!

To take a closer look at my image and The Corner Framing services, I invite you to peruse their website and Facebook of November 4, 2014. 

The Corner Framing
3275 West 32nd Avenue
Denver, CO  80211

October   2014
Muddy's Coffee  house on 15th Street, Denver, Co 1992
Muddy's Coffeehouse on 15th Street     1992

People reach out to me through contact via our website. Cosmic gifts from various energy of others... we connect from their impetus. Communication is a good thing.

Martha Ann Kennedy wrote me from Descanso, California telling me of her plans to move home to Colorado. Martha chose Monte Vista, Colorado located in the vast and enchanting San Luis Valley. Welcome home Martha!

I'm a Writer, Yes I am - is Martha Ann Kennedy's Blog. Please visit her Blog for great writing, insightful wisdom of our past and present. Carry on...

Martha asked me for permission to use a couple images of mine relating to some of her experience's in Denver 1980's - 1990's.

Please visit Martha's fine work, wish her happiness in her new home in Colorado.


September   2014

Some of my photographs take on a life of their own ...

Original founding partners of the Wynkoop Brewing Company.

This image will soon be featured in the September issue of the Men's Journal.

Left to Right: John Hickenlooper, Jerry Williams, Mark Schiffler, Russell Schehrer
and Holiday, the brew dog     1988
August  2014

Westword editor, Patricia Calhoun, writes a fine article about the original Terminal Bar and the recently opened new Terminal Bar in our renovated Denver Union Station.

My 1985 color image of the Terminal Bar is featured in the article as a reference point of our past and present.  I'll have a drink to that, maybe several ...

 Terminal Bar on 17th Street, looking north on Wazee Street     1985
On 17th Street looking north on Wazee Street     1985

Read Patricia Calhoun's Westword article here

August  2014

The image below was purchased for display at the Denver Union Station/Amtrak ticket area.  All aboard.  Enjoy.

Under passenger platforms behind Denver Union Station   1985
Under passenger platforms behind Denver Union Station     1985
June  2014

A couple of unknown images of mine may be selected for an upcoming documentary about a special life and talent that were sadly and abruptly ended. 

The studio of this gifted sculptor, who worked in lower downtown in the late 1980's and early 1990's, is located in one of these photos ... stay tuned.

 Under east/west Speer Viaduct,  Denver, CO 1989
 Under the East/West Speer Viaduct, prior to demolition     1989

Acme building at 14th Street and Wazee, Denver 1990
Acme building at 14th Street and Wazee Street     1990  
Tuesday, June 3, 2014
6:00 PM
Make A Wish Colorado Fundraiser - "Everything that Sparkles"

Maggiano's on the 16th Street Mall - A great event, a special evening

Some of original founders of Wynkoop Brewing Company     1988  

Governor John Hickenlooper, beer and restaurateur visionary, will be guest speaking about giving support for the health challenges of our youth of serious consequences. 

My image is an honor to be invited for a special evening.  Sincere thanks to Jason Maybee of Maggianos Denver, for directing the group of artists, magician, The Samples, beverage and food for the event.  This event will be uplifting and successful in aiding a difficult journey.

Maggiano's, Wynkoop Brewery and "together" for a great fundraiser.

March 19, 2014
Denver Union Station

This image is 1 of 4 framed photographs purchased by a new and exciting business to grace the Denver Union Station area.

March 14, 2014

This image is 1 of 8 framed photographs purchased by a prominent land owner of the Auraria area. 

December 13, 2013

 Denver Union Station and passenger platforms. 1985
Denver Union Station and passenger platforms     1985

Stevie Wonder Sold Out Denver, CO 1995 
Stevie Wonder "Sold Out" Paramount Theatre     1995

Cadence Apartments at Union Station; 1920 17th Street will be featuring these above images, 6' x 9' in their lobby.

Zocalo Community Development is a progressive and Denver based development company lead by David Zucker, Susan Maxwell and Chris Achenbach.

Hard work by many is moving Denver forward to an exciting future.

Old and new are now companions. My hard work of past and present has evolved for great satisfaction of my work displayed.

A gracious thank you to everyone at Zocalo Community Development.

Congratulations for Cadence at Union Station!


September 20, 2013

Mercury Café owner Marilyn Megenity is hosting an evening of music and art for a benefit to Dede LaRue's medical expenses.

Renna Shesso is the organizing curator of this special evening and event. Dede and I go a long way back.  She is extremely talented – a strong woman. When friend's need help, we do our best!

 Flamingo Art by Dede LaRue, Denver, CO 1986
Flamingo Art by Dede LaRue at 1520 Wazee Street     1986

My image above will be available at the silent art auction. Art work from Susan Goldstein, Deborah Jang, Mark Friday, John Bonath and many other artists will be featured.

Music Benefit and Art Auction
FRIDAY Sept. 20, 2013
Art auction 6-8 pm
Music 7-10 pm
$10.00 - see you there!

Mercury Café
2199 California Street
Denver, CO. 80205

July 11, 2013

Talya Dornbush Director of Colorado Visual Art Education program is hosting a curation by Nate Greene of my work and a group discussion.

A selected group of 25 high school, young adults, 16 plus, will learn from architects, artists, and various urban professionals on topics of art/design of their community.

It will include the introduction of their thoughts and interests, combined with the experience and guidance of current working professionals.

It is a wonderful invitation.  I will learn from the students as well.  It will be great.

I was inspired by early D.P.S. "field trips" of urban Denver, and later, of visits to the D.P.L.

The gift continues ...

Miner statue atop Miners Exchange Building, Denver, CO 1986
Miner Statue that was on the top of the Miners Exchange Building at 15th and Arapahoe Street.  Now the location of Brooks Tower high rise. 1986

Metropolitan State University

May 2013

High Noon Productions
3035 South Parker Road Suite 500
Denver, CO. 80014

Coming soon, a few of my images and happenstance will combine on HGTV for great stories and wonderful community vibes in Denver.

Highnoon Productions filmed "Bang For Your Buck", partially in the RINO neighborhood.

Some filming was done at the home of my friend of 20 years. What a pleasure for me to be invited to add some of my images for this particular production.

The show will be airing in 2013.

Historical image near 11th & Auraria Parkway, Denver, CO
Near 11th Street and Auraria Parkway area, looking North

Historical image at the 2900 block of Inca Street, Denver, Colorado
2900 block of Inca Street, looking Southeast

Historical image at the 1400 block of Wynkoop Street, Denver, Colorado
1400 block of Wynkoop Street, looking Northeast

April 2013

Fireman's Grain Elevator prior to demoliton, near Coors Field, Denver, CO  1990
Fireman's Grain Elevator prior to demolition and the area of Coors Field
that is now home plate and the pitchers mound     1990

Proud to say ... this image has recently been added to the Colorado Rockies Owner's Suite.

When I took these photographs, I knew such earned appreciation would mature ...

Play ball!

July 18, 2012
Westword Magazine
How the Wynkoop Brewing almost wasn't the oldest brewpub in Colorado"

Article by Jonathan Shikes in his "Beer Man" role in Cafe Society section of
the Westword posting of July 18, 2012.

Interesting story on the beginning years of the brew pub industry in Colorado
that involved possible Chicago investors for a brew pub in Denver and also
the Carver Brewery of Durango.

My wife was born in Durango, I'll drink a beer to that...

Left to right: John Hickenlooper, Jerry Williams, Mark Schiffler,
Russell Schehrer and Holiday, the famous brew-dog     1988

July 12, 2012 (my Mom's birthday)

This image below is proudly featured as part of a presentation by Haselden Construction Company. Haselden has been prominent in the Denver area since 1973 and is listed in the Top 400 nationally, and Top 40 regionally.

A thank you to Haselden Construction Company, for their contributions to the City of Denver and the State of Colorado. A special thank you to Al Slattery for his hard work and research for this presentation.

Auraria rail yards, now Elitches and Pepsi Center, Denver, CO 1986
Auraria rail yards, now Elitches and Pepsi Center     1986

June 16, 2012

A large exhibition of my work is scheduled at a prominent venue in Denver.  It will feature my classic black and white images of Denver and new color images from the exact same location, as well as a self-published book to augment the exhibition. 

Stay tuned; it will be a couple years at least.  I will keep you informed. I am very excited, a dream come true.

May 3, 2012

Denver Public Library
10 West 14th Avenue Parkway
Denver, CO. 80204

I am very happy and proud my framed image of the train platforms behind Denver Union Station has been accessioned by the Denver Public Library into their permanent art collection. A gracious and respectful Thank You to Jim Kroll, Manager of the Denver Central Library Western History/Genealogy Department and his entire staff.

Looking North from behind Denver Union Station,Denver, CO     1985
Looking North from behind Denver Union Station     1985

November 16, 2011

Mark Smith, founding principal of East West Partners, and instrumental in the vision and creation of Riverfront Park, along with his team of Cindy Haner and Shawna Topor, are featuring this image of mine.

Looking East after 16th Street Viaduct demo on
16th Street and Little Raven Street area     1993

September 9, 2011

The Urban Land Institute is hosting regional and national conference's.

Mark Falcone, Founder and CEO of Continuum, and also an innovative developer and visionary of Denver and Lower Downtown Denver along with his team of Andrea Mrzlak, are featuring some my images of the 1400 block of Delgany Street as part of their presentation.

16th Street Viaduct, looking Southwest, Denver Colorado  1992
From the 16th Street Viaduct, looking Southwest at the
Delgany Street and 15th Street Area     1992

5th Street at Delgany Street, looking Southeast, Denver, Colorado     1988
15th Street at Delgany Street, looking Southeast     1988

Speer Viaduct, looking Northeast, Denver, Colorado   1986
From the Speer Viaduct looking N.E. onto the 1400 Delgany Street Area     1986

August 18, 2011
Historic Denver

Colorado Saddlery Building, from the 15th Street Viaduct

Please join fellow lower downtown historical and architectural enthusiasts for a happy hour event and theme, "Vintage Western". Enjoy conversations, beverages, and western attire, with tours of the Colorado Saddlery Building, now proudly named The Saddlery, 1500 Wynkoop Street.




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