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Miscellaneous Images
Under 20th Street Viauduct 1986
Under 20th Street viaduct, north of Ice House and Union Station     1986

Another favorite scene - the rail line, the viaduct girder and loading dock, and the passenger platforms on the right of the rail lines.  A bit of snow for some pop; a quiet morning - no one for blocks and blocks. 

We are back to horizontal images, a variety of some seen, some not - and needed to get these interesting scenes for you to digest.  We are standing on others' shoulders on occasion. 

I have guided people to my images and to the images of others as well.  Some fine work done in Denver in photography.  Thirty excellent photographers; we all try to get on your wall.  Please - art is for you at work or home;  it makes you feel like a bad you some inspiration or maybe calm.  That is the goal: great work by Denver artists for Denver residents. 

All this work is meant for your mind and home as a connection to the "past" -through me now, as perspective and art.  Please, buy more art - it is your friend.  Take a walk and do a good deed - stay away from social retail evenings throwing your money away in trendy bars and restaurants...just saying. 

As we move ahead in Denver, great art has to be part of it.  Denver has artists from all over the country...a rich stew - all of us with our own style as a people and a city. Denver residents/businesses should be collecting excellent art - pure and simple. 

No framing posters, jerseys or cheap prints...or worse, abstract minutia. 

Appreciate excellent local art.  Art is genuine - a gift, an exchange. 

Our page for Links highlights some of the best art in the world.  Yep, we have taken you to some of the best.  It is Denver - remember that.  There is a reason we are in Denver.  We need to get this right - some soul and new frontier as well - ride 'em!  Our foundation - many parts of a complex world; we try to find meaning and belonging.

Walk and drive like you know how to get across an intersection and we might just have some hope.  LOOK around - everyone do your damn assignment like it is not the first day on the job...expedite-expedite-expedite. 

Good luck.

The Photographs

Under 20th Street Viaduct 1986
Under 20th Street viaduct, near U.P. HeadhouseChophouse at 19th Street     1986

Great shot, steel viaduct, bricks and head house looking west.  This is now a huge parking lot; the headhouse is doing well, a powerful scene of brick and steel.

Wynkoop Street near Tattered Cover 1986
Near end of street on 1500 block of Wynkoop Street - now area of Tattered Cover     1988 

You can see, no one here.  Post Office workers were the mainstay, mostly inside.


My aunts at Grasmere Lake at Washington Park  1989
My Aunt Bobbi and Aunt Georgia at Grasmere Lake in Washington Park     1989

They were "mortified" with such crass bait as dead carp on a hollow lake bed.  It was a special time of family proportion...!   Aunt Bobbi lived in Tahoe, so it was a pretty pitiful scene at Grasmere Lake...we laughed...

West of Platte River    1989
Under 16th Street viaduct (demolition) west of Platte River, near Platte Street     1989

Amazing - no one here.  Viaduct coming down, concrete stairways to nowhere.


15th Street at Wazee  1986
Under 15th Street viaduct on Wazee Street, looking northwest     1987

Near Moffat Station Depot 1987
Under 15th Street viaduct near Moffat Station Depot     1987
 15th & California Streets, Denver Dry, Denver Post  1990
15th and California Streets, center. Denver Dry, Denver Post     1990

Under 20th St Viaduct near Blake Street   1990
Under 20th Street viaduct looking southeast near Blake street     1988

Years later: Coors Field - a young man lost his ball exactly here as he got out of the family rolled.  I stopped my car got the ball, and as I drove away, I threw the ball out the sun roof to the young adult.  Wow...simple things in life I could not have imagined being witness to.

Mile High Stadium - Pink Floyd Concert 1994
Mile High Stadium prior Pink Floyd concert     1994

Traded image for an evening to treat my Mother to a live theatre.  She love the play and dinner. 

Pink Floyd was imploding...Rodger Waters is still around.  The music of brave and exceedingly talented artists is powerful.

23rd Street, looking on Market Street   1991
From 23rd Street, looking north on Market Street     1991

Under 20th St viaduct near Wazee Street    1989
Under 20th Street viaduct pillar near "Wazee Street" looking northwest     1989

Massive concrete pillars...and steel.

Under Speer viaduct, at Auraria Blvd.  1985
Under Speer viaduct at Auraria Boulevard area     1985

Hope you enjoyed these - a variety not shown frequently.

Old Color Work IV

Once again a short variety for particular reasons.  Bonding of emotion, art, wanderlust.

Passenger waiting benches,Union Station holidays 1985
Passenger waiting benches in Union Station and diner during the holidays     1985

Seen better days, spirit and vibes traverse...a tall waiting chair, train gone and last hamburgers served, a tiny holiday tree looks on bravely.   Eras weave an amazing journey.  A huge chasm of past and present - seeing our future as a partnership of pride, history and geography.

Satement on Welton Street  1986
Statement on Welton Street and 25th Street     1986

This dude was cool, his shirt was killer; he had a good groove.  We had some honest respect; he had a good poise with a classic backdrop of Five Points. 

"Black by Popular Demand" says it all.  Always been a struggle...

Wish we could have more diversity on Welton Street corridor. Denver is changing rapidly as rarely experienced.  A wise stew of wisdom and vision are creating an impressive new era of Five Points, Curtis Park, San Rafael neighborhood.

Rico, CO  1983
Rico, Colorado     1983

The area of Rico between Durango and Telluride was not heavily traveled.  The tow was hanging out waiting for better times.  Took awhile...Rico's solid hip.

Red Rocks  1980s
Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, Colorado      1980's

I lived as the crow flies, close to Red Rocks in the 1980's - 1990's.  I could easily drive up to Red Rocks; it has always been part of my soul since childhood.  Standing in a wonderment of Red Rocks...then to think it completely full of snow and only me. 

Bison like the plains, an early fantasy of mine of wandering bison of Red Rocks. 

Then the life changing rock and roll performances at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Red Rocks Easter Sunrise Service   1985
Easter Sunrise Service at Red Rocks Amphitheatre     1985

Sunrise Easter Service is a marvel of beauty and spirit. 

An experience everyone should see...especially in nice weather, a cloudless morning. 

Absolutely emotional.  Never seen so many happy people, bright-eyed...not stoned. 

An interesting experience, many special moments.

Red Rock Park 1986
Red Rock Park - Morrison, Colorado     1986

An overnight frost on a tiny pine tree in Red Rock Park.

Rude Park Mark Mural @ 13th & Federal area by Emmanuel Martinz  1986
Rude Park Mural at 13th and Federal area. Artist: Emmanuel Martinez     1986

Paradox.  The story of life...

Telluride school roof collapse     1983
Telluride school roof collapse     1983

I lived 6 blocks away, walking down snowy alleys.  The school is huge; the snow truly was a historic was a sight to see, one for the books.

Post Montane in Beavaear Creek   1984
Post Montane in Beaver Creek, Colorado     1984

I painted the inside of Post Montane, an intimate fortress of plaster and fine wood at the base of Beaver Creek.  The area only had a few large buildings.  We used to cross country ski it in 1976 when only a couple of barns were there - under the influence of medicinal properties, soon to be fur coats.

Vail Pass Ravinos Party    1981
Vail Pass RAVINOS Party..! 1981

The Ravinos were a daredevil group of motor jacket wearing hippies. Skiing on skateboards, these dudes tore it up.  Going down Old Vail pass when closed on custom skateboards and getting road rash big time...they loved snow aerial as well.  This image is end of season bash on Vail Pass because they had been kicked off Vail mountain. 

Front door of Voters Club on Welton St 1985
Front door of Voters Club on Welton Street     1985

Who knew we would spend 22 years of our life - block away from this scene...?

Rossonian Club on Welton Street     1985
Rossonian Club on Welton Street     1985

A wish for old and new to thrive together, young and old to teach each other.

Looking into lower downtown Denver  1985
15th Street and Boulder Street looking southeast into lower downtown     1985

The collection of Re-Threads clothing.  Muddy's coffeehouse.  Left Bank books and the Slight Off Center Theatre attracted urban explorers and Metropolitan State students and teachers.  The building in the center was named the Slockett building -  it was burned down by arson...?  Bummer.  We would have loved this building to be part of 15th is a weird world no doubt.

Dunton, Colorado 1983
Small valley of "town" of Dunton, Colorado     1983

Dunton was off the road between Rico and Telluride.  It was a famous grouping of small cabins and some late night natural springs "swimming" was before my time as well - the wild days of Wiesbaden Springs in Ouray in 1960's - 1970's...

Wynkoop Brewing Company
Kacey Fine Furnishings/Wynkoop Brewing Co  1988
Entrance, 18th Street and Kacey Fine Furniture/Wynkoop Brewing     1988

Kacey Fine Furniture was an institution in Denver.  Leslie Fishbein moved to Auraria Boulevard...she sadly passed away as a tragic incident. 

The history is deep.

Founders of Wynkoop  Brewing Company   1988
Founders of Wynkoop Brewing Company     1988

Left - John Hickenlooper, Jerry Williams, Mark Shiffler.  Russell Schehrer and the famous brew dog - Holiday (Respects for Russell Schehrer)


I had been photographing lower downtown in central areas for several years.  I saw the large sign outside the Wynkoop Brewing Company.  I willed this image to took a couple visits.  We were able to slide away - part of a journey separate and together.

I wanted this image to happen; circumstance took on its own intrigue; it has been a wild image to coral - a lot of different people; we all have our role.  I was there because I believed the Wynkoop Brewing Company would do great; it gave my photo adventure excitement.  It was happening, just the way I had hoped...

A long time ago in the 1980's - 1990's people's dreams, Denver's dreams were humble and modest for lower downtown.  Barbara, Martha, Brooke and others got the Wynkoop up and open to pioneer brewing. 

This image has been pilfered, paid for by the New York Times...and resulted in our website being linked to by the "Hickenlooper for Governor" website...winner-winner. A great ride! 

This image illustrates a time of rebirth in Denver. 

This image has been a pain in the ass image to manage, iconic moment.

Wynkoop and Union Station   1988
18th Street looking west at Wynkoop Street and Union Station north wing beyond     1988

Blue Sky Studio as architect.  Charlie Woolley as sales agent.  The Wynkoop grows out of hope in the late 1980's as a crazy idea of making beer in lower downtown.  I thought they would do well - time was right.  I felt the energy for years. 

The north wing of Union Station demolition was full of mixed emotions...a great stone and brick building, in the end, torn down.  Could have been a very cool building.

Wynkoop Brewing founders  1988
Wynkoop Brewing Company -  some founders - Wynkoop Street and 18th Street     1988

John, Mark, Brooke, Jerry, Russell and Holiday on the sunny side of the street...

A lot has changed. 

It has truly challenged my memories and visions.  Denver is a strong and good city.


"Corner Seat" construction - a million future beers
"Corner seat" being constructed, scene of a million future beers...     1988

I stood there, light shining in a bar to be finished soon. 

I felt Denver come alive...the smell of wood and bricks was enticing.

Corner Seat construction
First floor, big place, nice columns, tin roof     1988

Corner Seat construction  1988
First floor near patio. Stereo toilet's     1988

Well, yes, we did listen to old amps and receivers...stereo toilets.

Wynkoop Street refurbishing  1988
Wynkoop street refurbishing bricks and windows... 1988

From Wynkoop Brewing Company  1988
View from above Wynkoop Brewing looking northwest. 1988

We took a journey.  Thankful to be here.  We have lost many dear friends. 

Thanks for a wonderful time in Denver's rebirth and on to future curiosity.

Rockmount Ranch Wear Building
Looking at Grain Elevator   1987
Mid block of 1600 Wazee street looking northeast and grain elevator at 20th Street     1987

A classic view...warehouses a monuments. Sentinels leading to a dead end at 19th Street and Wazee Street. The 20th Street viaduct and future Coors Field occur later. 

The impressive strong slender Rockmount Ranch Wear Building was always alive. 

Doors not open to retail...the quiet stage of sparse retail commerce was normal in 1985. 

Three generations of the Weil family own Rockmount Ranch Wear at 1626 Wazee Street. 

Jack A. Weil, Jack B. Weil and now Steve Weil operate a Denver treasure of making various original western clothing designs.  Texture, history, design, and art done in a traditional and functional intention. 

You want to feel good, wear some Rockmount Ranch Wear clothing...people LOVE them! 

Steve Weil opened their doors to the opportunity for the community to walk into a store of craftsmanship of our western heritage. 

Jack A. Weil said, "The West is not a place; it is a state of mind." 

The area was completely in hibernation, the  viaducts crumbling.  That immediate area had the Oxford renovation in 1983.  Then the Edbrooke, Wynkoop Brewing, McCormick's.  Stuart Buchanan, Acme and Wagner building - all renovated in 1987 and 1988. 

Wall mural on Stuart Buchanan building (left) above was done by Emanuel Martinez. 

Wazee Street   1987
From base of 16th Street Viaduct looking northeast onto Wazee street     1987

Barney Ross Supply "stable"    1984
Alley near Rockmount ranch wear ... Barney Ross Supply "stable". 1984

From Henry Lee building  1987
From Henry Lee building on Wazee Street - looking east at Rockmount building     1986


The above photo was fun - before the Henry Lee was turned into apartments. 

Good design...just waiting for the perfect time...I just photographed it between lives.

From intersection of Wazee and 16th    1986
From intersection of Wazee Street and 16th Street, looking northeast     1986

These buildings have managed to defy the odds...history adds to our pride.

Downstown Denver 1987
From mid-block 1700 Wazee Street looking southwest down to 14th Street     1987

The scene above was taken the same day as the first scene of this Rockmount blog. 

The location is actually more to the far end of each is looking at a view at least 5 blocks long.  These images belong together.

Robischon Gallery is now on the far left, the Franklin Lofts far right...

I have been listening to Jesse Colin Young while writing this...a golden voice. 

My concerns are sad, lost, confused. My uncle of sixty years of my life is tired.

Bob Cassidy has been husband, father of six...a wonderful life he and Georgia carved out, moving from Iowa.  Hard work and love created the beginning of many wonderful families...a better man I have never known. 

Uncle Bob - I love you 

My dear friend, Speedy Herrera, since 6th grade...a golden voice and agile fingers. 

An easy laugh, a heart as big as Monument Valley.  Front man of exceptional singing and guitar talent -talent and stage presence of the best...! 

Send a big vibe to Castle Rock, Colorado for Speedy. 

Speedy - I love you man!

Agape  Church
Agape Church   1915
From 25th street looking northwest at 2501 California street     1915

Agape Church 2016
From 25th street looking N.W. at 2501 California street. 2016

Agape Church cornerstone
Original inaugural cornerstone of church at 2501 California street

Miracles do happen.

An old established renegade group of hippies asked for my inclusion of painting a church bell tower in Curtis Park.  My friend Errol Cerovski had tackled this project 30 years ago - a long story of community. 

He was back, and I was added to the crew.  The old crew of Terry Cronin, Chris Farris, Errol Cerovski, and 60 years old.  I was the youngest.

Most would consider going up 70 feet and dangling out of a bucket - crazy.

I saw a view only birds see.  I looked  bell tower openings from one side to the other - seeing skyscrapers.  I worked on a church over 100 years old that was, and still is, an inspiring church and community center.  I looked over the streets and rooftops of the neighborhood I have lived in for 22 years.  I looked to Welton Street to the east, and the other direction to the west - I could see Longs Peak. 

Time of a lifetime!  All of us had a great time!  It was in our blood of friendship and community; it truly was special! 

Thank you Errol, and to Robert E. Woolfolk, Pastor at Agape Christian Church! 

Pastor Woolfolk, community kitchen, community service center at 2515 California Street is doing some important work.  Compassion and guidance are the foundation of our living together.  The Pastor at Agape Christian Church has been an impressive man to me; the entire church is professional and caring...a beacon! 

Please contact the Agape Church

Miracles do happen.


- Kim Allen 

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