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January 1, 2016
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Continuing on last month's partial theme of vertical scenes, we will see how the "table was set", telling a part of Denver's story...our story.  The recent exhibition at the Western Art Gallery at the Central Denver Public Library had two very small vertical images in a display case...the exhibit had over 100 prints.  I simply did not have enough wall space to show large vertical prints in the design I created for the show to flow evenly, be balanced and show as many scenes as possible. 


Platte Valley  1985
Platte Valley rail tower  - top 110 feet above the ground, looking north     1985 

Greg Coleman, before we climbed 110 feet to top of Auraria RR Tower     1985
 From top of rail tower in Central Platte Valley looking north    1985

The images above are companions, tell our  story...

My pall, Greg C., from Vail days, now lives in Spokane.  He has always been fearless; he proved it by climbing this tower with me! 

We climbed this tower of 110 feet with ease; the tower top swayed a little...

We felt honored and alive! 

This area was packed completely with the railroads, a city evolves...we are here now. 

There is a respectful reason for everything.

Speer viaduct in middle, Volker building beyond, looking N.E; 1986
Speer Viaduct in middle, Volker building beyond, looking northeast     1986

The image above shows the rail loading dock, Speer Boulevard Viaduct and part of the Acme building as we look at the strata of usage of each component's role.  The location of this image would be about the 2 o'clock position of the first image of this blog.

Mr. Harley Benetti at LaFittes wall mural in Larimer Square     1985
Mr. Harley Benetti at LaFittes wall mural in Larimer Square     1985


Mr. Bennetti was not shy...he had style.  A MIND of his own. Benn

Moffatt Station on left and Central Platte Valley beyond, looking east.
Moffatt Station on left and Central Platte Valley beyond, looking east

The 16th Street Viaduct is in the middle, the P.O. Terminal on the right and the vast, mostly unused field.  Some miscellaneous truck companies would use the area, but basically the valley was desolate for miles and miles..

 American Atheist Books at 2342 south Broadway in Denver. 1984
American Atheist Books at 2342 South Broadway in Denver     1984

Freedom of speech.  We make our own decisions...

 Red Pocks Amphitheatre in Denver Parks mountain system. 1986
Red Pocks Amphitheatre in Denver Parks mountain system     1986

I was completely alone for hours.  I had Buffalo visions and music flowing through my was one of many magical moments I had been given; my spirit was your eyes you had not yet seen through...Benn

  Mannequin and a person... 16th St. at Platte Street. 1985
Mannequin and a person... 16th Street at Platte Street     1985

Frozen in time, living skin and plastic. lviBenn

  Wazee street... 14th to 20th street looking north. 1989
Wazee street...14th to 20th Street looking north     1989

A classic image.  The 15th Street Viaduct slashes through the scene as we look north at the Fireman's Grain Elevator and 20th Street Viaduct.  The area of the Fireman's Grain Elevator is now Coors Field.Benn

  Rail freight lift at 21st. and Wazee street looking south. 1987
Rail freight lift at 21st and Wazee Street looking south     1987

Fireman's Grain Elevator and 20th street viaduct looking north.
Fireman's Grain Elevator and 20th street viaduct looking north

Almost same exact location, different time, different mind set.  You can see the possibilities of interpreting the same area a different way by comparing the two images above.  People who say photography is not art...are COMPLETE idiots.

  Under the 20th street viaduct looking S.W. at Coors Field early construction. 1993
Under the 20th street Viaduct looking southwest at Coors Field early construction     1993

Once again, the once busy Platte Valley containing railroads had old sign for Dick Lamm, running for Governor, hangs above.

  Lincoln Housing at 13th and Lipan street demolition. 1993
Lincoln Housing at 13th and Lipan Street demolition     1993

Neighborhood trash incinerator for the large housing area seen though a wide gash of memories, literally ripped apart.  A bathtub, sink and toilet can all be

 Near the front of Winsor Dairy at 20th and Blake street looking north. 1985
 Near the front of Winsor Dairy at 20th and Blake Street looking north     1985

Rail line again...deserted again.  The Parade of  Lights used the building to store some of the various decorated floats...I knew Kip Farris and still know Chris Farris, who were instrumental in the float implementation. 

A toast to Chris in memory of his wife Sherri, who last week entered her beautiful vibe into another world...a toast to your gifts and soul, Sherri!

  Under the 16th street viaduct behind Denver Union Station. 1986.
Under the 16th Street Viaduct behind Denver Union Station     1986

A beautiful image.  Powerful, gentle and education laden...


A Story
 Intersection of Walnut street and Broadway/Brighton Blvd; 1986
Intersection of Walnut Street and Broadway/Brighton Blvd     1986

All of the images and text on our website you have viewed, came very, very close to NEVER being published...! 


In the early/mid 1990s, I was completely spent emotionally from my obsessive desire to photograph Denver.  My mind had turned into a camera, my appreciators were photographs were ahead of a curve that no one saw coming. 

My wife and I were part of the mandatory and respectful role of our Mothers' health issues of doctor appointments, and the long gradual decline that gets more serious as each year unfolds.

We had purchased a small, modest 1/2 of a duplex home near Five Points, that I tirelessly renovated while working full time.  Dealing with many other issues as plate was full of mandatory personal growth challenges.

My photographer career was dead; it actually had not yet been born...

 Wynkoop St. and 16th St. Viaduct looking south. 1985
 Wynkoop Steet and 16th Street Viaduct looking south     1985

The image above shows - being under the 16th Street Viaduct - the 15th Street Viaduct, and in the distance, the Speer Viaduct.  The story wife and I were at an art festival downtown in 1994, and I walked into the tent of an artist who I had known for years and who did urban watercolors.  

My wife walked ahead...I looked and looked at the watercolor art images of many various buildings of Denver.  My mind was full of my past images...I was so sad; my emotion was so intense, my eyes filled with tears.  I walked away, not even able to look the artist in the eye.  I was completely broken - shattered into pieces that were so many and so deep, I was completely devastated. Completely.

I dealt with each process of rebuilding my life and integrating many componene4ts of a complex journey I was navigating to enrich my life and marriage. 

At some point I had to have faith in things beyond my control...I had to put myself over the edge and jump DEEP into unknown waters.  When a person freezes, they are lost...stagnation has a steep price and I was frozen for 14 long, long years... 

In 2008, I spoke with my wife...I spoke with my yet-to-be webmaster. 

A person owes it to themselves to move forward. 

Onward!  My deepest respect and love for my wife, Candice, and friend and webmaster, Janet. 

Please enjoy these images.  They came very, very close to NEVER being presented...


  Ivy Chapel at Fairmount Cemetery in Denver. 1986
Ivy Chapel at Fairmount Cemetery in Denver      1986

My Mother's service was at the Ivy Chapel; mine will be there as well.  Thank you, Mom.  What an unbelievable le journey we had together! 


- Kim Allen


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