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Color Work III

I continue to find images that are complimentary to the color subject matter, which was usually not my preference.  The images were basically done during my final timeframe of taking color scenes.  It was much cheaper to process my own black and white film.  I shot a ton of it...extensive artistic documentation was my goal.

Jimi Hendrix headstone at Greenwood Memorial cemetery in Renton, WA. 1985
Jimi Hendrix headstone at Greenwood Memorial cemetery in Renton, WA     1985

James Marshall Hendrix, forever in our hearts...I have experienced spectacular moments in the greater Seattle area, visiting Jimi Hendrix – seared into my memory from listening to him when I was 13 years old.  My photo gig includes a part of me that is music as well – early years of "training wheels" for life, listening to ground breaking artistic music that tried to change the world...

Daniels Park Bison herd looking west at front range. 1985
Daniels Park Bison herd, looking west at Front Range     1985

Daniels Park is near Sedalia/Castle Rock, Colorado, just south of Denver, and part of the outstanding Denver Mountain Parks system. The herd of bison stayed in the valley most of the year – in the winter they were close to barn and feeding, done by Buck Webster.  This scene is obviously not natural.  It does, however, prompt me to envision a similar natural scene at one time.  Humbling.

Holy Ghost Church and 1999 Broadway building. 1986
Holy Ghost Church and 1999 Broadway building     1986

Two treasures for Denver.  Holy Ghost has helped me find solace and serenity.  It is a gift to our community.  The 1999 building was insightful and is a classic design.

De-construction of water tank in top of 'Stuart Buchannan" building. 1987
De-construction of water tank in top of Stuart Buchannan building     1987

Early, lower downtown project near the Oxford Hotel on Wazee Street.  The building was being renovated into a fine furniture company named Stuart Buchannan. 

Don Andrews was the owner of the building and Joe Simmons, of Blue Sky Studio, was the architect for the renovation.

Stuart Buchannan Bldg. construction/renovation at 1628 Wazee street. 1987
Stuart Buchannan building construction/renovation at 1628 Wazee street     1987

The lower portion of "decorative" concrete panels would soon be removed to open up the storefront.  McCormick's restaurant would also open in the Oxford Hotel, just down the street at the corner of Wazee Street and 17th Street. LoDo had begun rebirth!

Telluride, Colorado 4th of July fireworks. 1983
Telluride, Colorado - 4th of July fireworks     1983

I positioned myself across the valley looking at Telluride town park and the beginning of the Bear Valley Trail to compose a balanced image. 

I lived in a modest place just left of this was an enchanting valley.

Hong Kong Café in Vail, Colorado. 1982
Hong Kong Cafe in Vail, Colorado     1982

The Hong Kong Cafe was magical.  Yes, a fern bar, yes - a bar of opulence and sport. 

At the base of Vail Village on Wall Street, the Hong Kong Cafe had excellent food in the dining room below, and spring rolls and shrimp wontons above in this cozy scene. 

Phil Mahre, Suzy Chaffee, Franz Klammer, Farrah Fawcett, and Ahmad Rashad, were some of the people I saw in this setting for après ski or in the late evening in the unbelievable dark golden vibe. 

Interior of Mayan Theatre during renovation. 1986
 Interior of Mayan Theatre during renovation     1986

This scene, taken from the balcony towards the stage area, was prior to the balcony being converted into 3 smaller screening rooms.

My Mother and Father left the Mayan late one evening to arrive at the Presbyterian Hospital where I was born the next morning...the Mayan

Metropolis Theatre grand opening on 17th and Vine Street. 1985
 Metropolis Theatre grand opening on 17th and Vine Street     1985

This was my first photo ever published; it was in Denver Magazine. 

The play was "James Dean" written by Patricia kind of play. 

Don Becker, a dear childhood friend, was also in the same Denver Magazine edition for his great talent as a comedian.  Very proud of both of us being in the same edition of Denver appropriate - rebels looking for a cause...

Don had huge talent...we lost him as well...a toast to Don Becker!

 The Penguin on Blake street... 1984
The Penguin on Blake street     1984

The building below the penguin was demolished for Coors Field. 

The building to the right still remains as a brewery and part of Coors Field. 

A hearty toast to our old pal, the Penguin!

Miscellaneous Images

We will continue on with the vertical images, most of which have never been posted.  Education, perspective, art...enjoy

The Penguin on Blake Street. 1986
 The Penguin on Blake Street     1986

The largely abandoned area prior to Coors field still had fragments of small active use in warehouses.  The Penguin stands guard next to the still-used larger building name, "Student Movers", now part of Coors Field. 

All of the buildings, other than the Student Movers building, were torn down on Blake Street in preparation for Coors field...the Penguin hopefully lives on...

 Confluence Park and Forney Museum. 1986
Confluence Park and Forney Museum     1986

The Denver Tramway Company built this large building containing electrical supply for early Denver streetcars.  It was later turned into the Forney Train Museum to give respect and perspective of our heritage...our story. 

The area has been an embarrassment for 50 years at least...a home to Indians until the 1850s, now a cluster of transportation components.  The entire area of the Platte River and Cherry Creek has been poorly managed, and a travesty of self serving entities. 

The entire area should be restored as naturally as possible for a mile stretch, the length of the Platte and Cherry Creek rivers.  Ditch the pitiful kayaks and gondolas that were a joke from inception...just say "in".

 House on Emerson Street ... 1989.
House on Emerson Street     1989

This home was lived in as part of a huge glut of empty homes that went into foreclosure...on occasion, unauthorized families moved into them.  It is a complex situation – many victims on all sides.  It tells our story as a city, and our larger social story as well... to possibly learn from?

Chestnut St. and 20th St. Viaduct and Firehouse looking west. 1985
Chestnut Street and 20th Street Viaduct and Firehouse looking west     1985

The 20th Street Viaduct on the right, the old Firehouse 2 on Chestnut Street in an area of fields, dust and very few people.  The Firehouse 1 still stands, the viaduct is gone. 

The intersection of Chestnut Street and 20th Street is now part of the entire area of the Platte Valley, just west of downtown.  It emerged as the rail yards slow demise made vast parcels of "open land" available to move into the future.  The key is to incorporate some old with the new; it is rich perspective of our stew of Denver; it takes ingredients for a meaningful community.  Our disposable society seems determined to live for their own moment...wait until the new era wants to bury you and your doesn't feel too good, folks.  No respect.

1400 Delgany street block as seen from south side of Cherry Creek. 1989
1400 Delgany Street block, as seen from south side of Cherry Creek     1989

Monarch Mill stands guard on Delgany Street. A bicycle path now is next to the edge of both sides of Cherry Creek...some good news at least. 

The 1400 block of Delgany Street still contains the D and F Warehouse No. 2 and has seen amazing infill...once again, moving forward with a wise mix of old and new.

Crescent warehouse flour mill near Chestnut St. and 20th street. 1985
Crescent warehouse flour mill near Chestnut Street and 20th Street     1985

Just like the previous image of the Monarch Mill, grain elevators and storage were prominent, providing staples of everyday life for Denver and the region. 

This area was called "The Bottoms"...near the Platte river, and below the Highlands neighborhood to the west.  The area was desolate; the Flour Mill building seen behind the Crescent warehouse was later converted into lofts.

Behind Union Station... Colorado train car. 1985
Behind Union Station - Colorado train car     1985

The Colorado train car in lonelier times...

This exact location will be the new Born Hotel and related commerce being built by East-West Partners.  Times have changed...all aboard. 

Are you ready, Denver?  Union Station to DIA will greet the world!

The El Bronco Bar at 2219 Larimer street. 1987
The El Bronco Bar at 2219 Larimer street     1987

People have insisted lower downtown was dangerous "back in the day".

Complete misinformation! 

Now, if you were a drunken fool at 12:30 am, talking crap, you might get stabbed.

Santa Fe Theatre at 9th street and Santa Fe Blvd; 1987
Santa Fe Theatre at 9th Street and Santa Fe Boulevard     1987

My Father's family moved to Denver when he was 4 years old; they lived in a tiny home near 7th and Fox Street.  The home was demolished as well; the old Elmwood Elementary across the street.  A new Elmwood Elementary still stands.

My Father went to the Santa Fe Theatre...he may have swam in the Confluence Park "rivers" as well.  This photo is for my late Father...

A Broncos theme...I saw the first ever Broncos appearance against the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XII, in person, in 1978 in New Orleans - Broncos in my blood.

I do not own or wear any Broncos clothing, etc. - I used to see many, many games at the former Mile High Stadium - times change.

Go Broncos!

Wewatta Street Ramp
Under 20th St. Viaduct, south at Wewatta St. ramp left, behind Union Station. 1987
Under 20th Street Viaduct, south at Wewatta Street - ramp left, behind Union Station     1987

Under 20th St. Viaduct, south at Wewatta St. ramp right, behind Union Station. 1986
Under 20th Street Viaduct, south at Wewatta Street - ramp right, behind Union Station     1986

Two beautiful scenes 150 feet from each other and a year apart.  Layers, curves and lines, the shadows in the vast Platte Valley.  I could walk this huge area without fence or road – fields under the viaducts.  The 20th Street Viaduct was prominent because of the location of now Colorado Rockies Baseball main entrance at Blake Street/20th Street.

These images are subtle, peaceful and powerful.  One winter, one summer.

Summer: dog at small dark building on right, on occasion got the drop on me and scared the hell out of me one was really around; a mid point to the Terminal Bar/Cruise Room from the Skyline Saloon...walking. 

The tree, the ramp, the road, the shadows.  Curves and straight lines. 

Winter image is all layers 8-9...the ice creates some shine, a large strata of light and dark with great curves, once again to add great interest and intrigue.  The moment of recognizing, seeing this serene scene...the quiet before the storm. 

The Wewatta Street ramp was connected to the 20th Street Viaduct and provided access behind Union Station.  The opposite direction at Delgany Street ramp was access to the area by Inca Street and the Skyline Saloon. 

These images are moody, tranquil, yet edgy.  I was able to see the great line, shadows and curves leading south into the Platte Valley behind Union Station. 


A couple of my favorite scenes...


- Kim Allen


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