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April 1, 2016
 From 20th and Washington St. 17th floor - looking west into fog. 1992
From 20th and Washington Street, 17th floor - looking west into fog     1992

This image is where we lived for 7 years, next to Benedict Park and fountain, actually on 19th Street...we were married on the entire 21st floor.  A bash that was spectacular.

Dub and Janet, our friends of then 14 years, spent many afternoons on our balcony as our city was building Coors Field.  Janet and Dub had an awesome place in Cheesman Park above the Pavilion looking west at the park and mountains.  The best view of Denver I have every seen - had it all...great parties!  Miss you Dub! Janet is our webmaster.  It has been a wonderful story for me, hopefully for Janet.  We have rocked. 

There are lots of rodeos in lots of places - somehow a western bronco buster or bull rider represents fearless battles of all sorts...you enter a contest to win.

"The West is not a place.  It's a state of mind." - Jack A. Weil.  Rodeos are good, family and community, a super bowl victory and lots of happy dogs.  We are not real rodeo; we will all take part of it for what we know.  Hell yes.  Been 17 years - this is your new Denver - Denver Broncos...enough said. 

I write for this blog in short sentences, quick snippets of relevant information...photos are priority to me as fine art images - not easy to chronicle artistically.  I am going to write more and show less photos for this post. 

In the six years of our blog, my past images, taken 24-30 years ago, have melded the past, present and future.  Our blog has been looked over from above.  Janet James has been our friend and webmaster.  It has been a story of courage for Janet - a smart and curious mind.  An absolute angel - I have learned so much professionally and through her wisdom. 

Last year, I mentioned we were going into hibernation here...my mind cannot be in two different worlds - me thinking of old photos and taking new ones.  I will not be showing new Denver images for awhile.  That does not mean I am not taking them.  Things happen for a reason...

My photos were a comet - our website a comet too!  As I said, lucky to have had the chips fall as they may...looking at this screen has been an event.  I did not know that some day millions/billions of people could appreciate in the rawest form.  We as people stay the same - I just will not write for my blog anymore.  My friend Janet continues her gig and we continue our dear friendship...we were fortunate to have six interesting years.  We went for it...we are proud, Denver. 

Take it in, brothers and sisters!  A little stepping stone to show where Denver was partially recreated - rebirth of lower downtown, then DIA, Lowry, Stapleton.  We worked hard to present a great product.  It was fun, we had passion.  We created a website unlike any I have ever seen.  We had great images and kept hammering...a special  moment was, is and will be present until we know "no better". 

It is not without thought and consideration I discontinue the blog posts...it readies me for my next quest...one that helps us all - that's my plan.  We should be golden.  I am not going anywhere, just not writing for the blog.

I have been able to look back and add insight.  The future evolved at the same time as we looked to the future.  What a story I have seen.  The people who changed it some - what a lucky guy I was to explore the empty and dusty Platte Valley, and those dark and cool, creaky old warehouses.  It is hard to believe myself, on occasion, what has happened...I have seen it all.  Kind of seems normal  - what I thought were possibilities for the "Sleeping Giant" of Denver - coming out of hibernation.

You all have a ton to study on as it is...?  Test is going to be tough; see if you have read between the lines...this was for a higher calling, folks.  Intellect is your court for adding a little enrichment with art and history. You are living here.  Seek precious, genuine, relevant vibes of our community. THAT is how Denver will become a cut above...hard work reaching for higher fruit.  You've got one shot at this - respect and future as well.  You work and live with more passion.  You become a small part of Denver; it becomes a small part of you...bingo. 

Take pride on hanging some great art on your wall at home or work...


Take pride in driving and walking across the highways, roads and intersections like you are not 14 years old...

You are wasting your inordinate time and money on rookie mistakes.  Step it up with the "deer in the headlights baseball and patios fluff".  You are what make it; put energy in - you get substance in return. 

Please make Denver special - take a walk, buy a book at the Tattered Cover, some art at Robischon Gallery or a great shirt at Rockmount Ranch Wear.  This hard work of education and art are from enormously talented people whom have called Denver home and made unbelievable art work just for you. 

We have let some of the glitter of the new development dazzle us...it is OK.  It was honestly inevitable from the beginning of the mid 1980s...the process of growth management's best possible...?  It is not easy - hell, I battle some designers, architects, developers, contractors like I had the flu.  It defies logic; it does concern me as a shortsighted pitiful branding of Denver.

People complain about rent and all the hassle; we gotta do our best.  It is a mixture of progress and not crapping in our own front lawn or block.  It is changing fast with a moving target.  Have respect and pride - the key to our progress.  We've made shamefully little progress in the area of education for the community with access to higher education.

We can not get too big for our own britches...who are we...?  We are trying to be Denver, but no one knows what that is... 

The frontier, a  Hose Company No. 1 below, a volunteer fire department built in 1883. 

Frontier, rodeo...rodeo is fine for Denver.  Globeville rides again...best it can

Under 20th Street  Viaduct  1987
 Under 20th Street Viaduct, looking southwest on Chestnut Street at Hose Company 2     1987

I got the goods on my old stuff; my new work is shocking!  I thought I would see Denver rock, but not this much.  So proud of so many people.  I will have a rare opportunity of old Denver and new - by same dude... ME!  Denver did the lifting; it came a long way with engineering/infrastructure, previous Larimer Square, and now the Oxford Hotel.  So, I will be doing my gig - not sure what timeline I am following...?

Under 20th Street Viaduct   1987
Railroad Bridge over Cherry Creek River - 1400 Wynkoop Street block, looking north     1985

Awesome shot.  "Few" buildings, 15th Street Viaduct and 20th Street Viaduct way north.  That is what it looked like for years.  The Colorado Saddlery Building rooftop water tower is gone in this image; it was just north of Edbrooke Building, at 15th Street and Wynkoop Street.

Front of Moffat Station Depot on 15th St./viaduct near Little Raven street. 1991
Front of Moffat Station Depot on 15th Street/Viaduct, near Little Raven street     1991

One of my favorite scenes.  A viaduct, a station, another viaduct, and an apple tree on the left. 

There actually was a bicycle chained to the tree on the left - not sure if you can see it; no one was really there in the valley - bike chained to tree...well, I found it I guess...? 

The apple tree still had a minimal harvest each year - no water really - it just hung next to the building like a champ.  Like a little kid, I climbed the tree to the roof, picking a small tennis ball size apple on the way.  Rectangular flat roof - small low pedestals with 16 tin/metal globes originally, not when I photographed the Moffat Depot.

Top of Moffatt Station    1986
Top of Moffat Station between 15th and 16th streets.  Viaducts looking east     1986

Is this fantastic...???  Unbelievable...the GLOBE between the VIADUCTS...!!!

Implosion of Fireman's Grain Elevator    1992
Implosion of Fireman's Grain Elevator at Blake Street and 20th Street/Viaduct     1992

This image was hard to do - cops were everywhere, implosion...??  Implosion etc.   I was nervous and all alone on the rooftop across the street, 100 -150 feet from the implosion.  All the people and press had been herded to the west side by the police.  It turned out great.  I believe I got a series of three images of the implosion coming down as best of day...just saying.

Now, that intersection is the main entrance to Coors Field at Blake Street and 20th Street.

Under the 15th St. Viaduct at Wynkoop street. 1986
Under the 15th Street Viaduct at Wynkoop Street     1986

Under 15th St, Viaduct north at 16th St. Viaduct   1986
 Under 15th Street Viaduct north at 16th Street Viaduct and beyond to 20th Street Viaduct     1986

Underbelly of once thriving viaduct and rail system from 1980's - 1990's looked like an empty stage set - vacant of people, newspapers blowing in the wind - possibly the only motion of the hour. 

Stunning images to me, if you don't mind me saying...the viaducts, shadows and light bring brilliant design.  Power and a couple curves too, cool respite - a great composition of components.  The hibernation of the 1950s - 1989 in lower downtown, between a boom - the buildings look lonely and lost. This area would be prime for new design, old warehouses, Union Station and new large retail/restaurant location.

R.R. Turntable in Central Platte Valley looking N.E. into lower downtown. 1985
Railroad Turntable in Central Platte Valley, looking northeast into lower downtown     1985

Roundhouse and Turntable...?  Roadhouse and Rodeo...? The Roundhouse mostly gone...?  Rodeo long-gone...?  Radial at a Turntable...? 

I saw no horses.  I was a troubadour  - best I could to be some sort of art/documentarian, representing my vibes growing up - and mountain days as well.  It seemed a great cause of noble wandering...a space next to downtown that was completely forgotten in the ebb and flow of our city...

Now, partly circus...? 

Elitch Gardens Amusement Park is exactly at this location.  Pepsi Center is beyond.     1985

Charge Against Hunger Tour - Denver Paramount Theatre 1995
Charge Against Hunger Tour - Denver Paramount Theatre/Sold Out!     1995

Thanks to David Zucker of Zocalo Development and Susan Maxwell, this exciting image, and one of  Denver Union Station, hang inside the lobby of the Cadence Building, behind Union Station. 

Extremely large prints - 8 feet by 10 feet - look and feel great!  Please go see the prints inside of Cadence. 

From once birds and rabbits in the Platte Valley, to the rebirth of rails to and from DIA - as well as massive residential...well - times have changed.

A great ride of six year on our website.  Unbelievable experience of friendship of many, especially Janet James.  This endeavor to first produce work, then present it as a website for viewing and exhibitions has been a very rewarding experience for me.  At moments I whine like a locust shunned...but - recognition we have received - large recognition. 

I have a ton of quick and fun stories for you..you wonder why we are changing direction when so many good things were accomplished?  There are a lots of Rodeos, we all may be part of one, why not. Done this particular Rodeo enough...I am not any younger. 

Here are some good stories.

- The look on Candice face and her eyes when she heard we were in the New York Times. 

 - Exhibit at MCA Denver for Biennial of the Americas and Gala Luminocity event.

-  DPL retrospective exhibit and extremely respectful review by Ray Rinaldi, Denver Post Art Critic.  Patricia Calhoun of Westword, an excellent review as well, Susan Froyd of Westword additionally.

 - Many, many private and public sales

 - Inclusion in website buckfifty

 - Dana Crawford biography of 5 images

 - Seeing an old neighbor's portrait on the website of Lucia De Giovanni that I was sharing an exhibit with her...Mrs. Gertrude "Trudel" Rueck was her name.  Ralph and Trudel Rueck, originally from Germany, lived on 1900 S. Yate Street,  in the late 1930's.  So many great notes, wonderful conversations. 

Absolutely thrilled!  Thank you! 


So, this Rodeo ends as a champion. 

Another one down the road a spell I reckon...

See you there.

Mid block 1500 Wazee Street   1986
 Mid block 1500 Wazee street looking north  - Ralph Riggs/D.D. Larue     1986

Ralph Riggs home on Wazee Street.  He usually parked his cars...not on the street. 

His Rolls Royce and the work of Bohemian artist D.D. Larue  -"graffiti flamingo" - worlds apart. 

Yep, gratitude has been written by me some; pointed opinion on occasion as well. 

Respect runs deep, before us.  We learn, we grow slowly. 

It takes time to build a city; it takes time to build ourselves.  What goes around comes around...a road map complete with obstacles and self inflicted journeys. 

I wrote of the beginning times of the mid 1980's; the spark of lower downtown and the area of DIA, Lowry and Stapleton.  That segment of Denver movers and shakers began this gig...a relatively small number of special interest groups, with people on many fronts, started to plan for future projects concerning Denver. Respect and gratitude for a ton of individuals' work that has resulted in Denver becoming a major American city.  Denver is not perfect; it is a baby swept up with the big kids and learning on the way.  We have slugged it out with the best, more than held our own from each success or experience.  I have learned to separate the hype from true, long term thinkers who truly love their community of Denver. 

There are some bad ass talented people in the art and planning, developing professions in Denver.  Let us show respect and gratitude for their craftsmanship of a new era, a new generation.  We need each other; we all need stroking  - a fire that moves us forward.

  Under 15th St. Viaduct in front of Moffatt Station looking east. 1989
Under 15th Street Viaduct in front of Moffat Station looking east     1989

Please keep our identity; add and create your own identity.  A lot of people who came before us made this possible...respect.  It all goes full circle, getting stronger and deeper. 

Respect...what you do today has value. Tomorrow...the value will not diminish.  Every moment is important to us, to Denver...the ingredients of our lives are supposed to have value to move our society forward in challenging times.

Congratulation Denver...a ton of respect to many -  special times are ahead for Denver.

  Under 15th St. Viaduct looking southwest on Wazee street and Acme building. 1988
Under 15th Street Viaduct, looking southwest on Wazee Street and Acme building     1988

My observation of clients: they want genuine, passionate images, while valuing my objective and staying true to their shared agenda or interpretation. Clients have various wants or needs; we try to merge the talent of my speculative journey and collection, with their appreciation of an artistic or historic view. 

A person buying my (or others') work, buys art.  Either you do or you don't buy art - in a varying price range for local art.  Either you do or you don't.  Most do not.  It takes a person who respects art enough to pay for it...how sad - the bar so low.  So a collector actually appreciates a trade of talent/compensation.  A client/collector understands a unique time and talent, the importance of the work...I am alive - that is part of the story.  My gig was special; special does not come along often in art!  It is accepting and acknowledging fine work, perfect timing...a lot of hard work by me.  A lot of hard work by others.  We rock. 

My client gets photographs...words written by Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady portray similar urban scenes and thoughts of wanderlust...mental images of standing on the corner of 17th and Wazee outside the "Terminal Bar" - part of an inebriated travelogue, "...using parking meters for walking sticks!"  Spoken and sung by Tom Waits and band on the album Nighthawks at the Diner, 1975.

My images are not Chamber of Commerce scenes.  My clients thank me...I thank my clients. 

You do not frame my free cards, lie to me, waste my time with your fluff...nope - you are rock solid, know your shit and buy my work. 

Period.  End of game.

Thank you!

Group hug, in the alley.  

 From 15th St. Viaduct looking north onto Wynkoop St. and Union Station area. 1985.
 From 15th Street Viaduct, looking north onto Wynkoop Street and Union Station area     1985 

Those meeting/emails we have together - an interesting feeling of mutual vibes about a "piece of paper - a photograph"  - equaling magic. 

Sharing relevant moments of Denver -  relevant to each of us in some way...

My goal was, and still is, to provide an excellent fine art print of Denver. 

Photographs are lasting - many special years of special looks and conversation about our perspective.  This is an offer to you of a connection between a city, yourself and a man with foresight who worked hard to produce great work.  That work was made possible by many people.  This gig is not a hobby; we make excellent work. 

I sincerely thank past clients.  Your sincere appreciation of my images is gratifying! 

Future clients, please keep those cards and letters coming in...


Denver Union Station

Interesting that what is old...is sometimes new again. 

Most excellent old buildings do not survive, even train stations waned.  "Welcome back", you old abandoned Denver Union Station...an impressive grand dame in the high plains of Colorado - now holding court over lower downtown.  I always thought the east side of Union Station would prosper first...I was wrong by a long shot.  The larger area behind Union Station allowed for big plans, and big plans take big money.  Timing was great, investment happened, instant large capital in lower downtown.  It has happened...impressive.

Soon, a train ride from Union Station to DIA...off to the wild blue yonder! 

Unbelievable.  Congratulations, Denver.

  From 2nd floor prior Tattered Cover at 16th St./Viaduct and Wynkoop street. 1989
From the 2nd floor of before-the-Tattered Cover at 16th Street/Viaduct and Wynkoop Street     1989

Dingy. Splattered mud from the 16th Street Viaduct adjacent Wynkoop...old metal blinds. 


Dingy was most of the neighborhood - hanging on long enough to finally see all the pieces come together?  The answer is yes.  Glad we had some dingy left!  Duh.

 From 15th Street Viaduct toward Union Station 1989
From the 15th Street Viaduct looking northwest at Denver Union Station     1989

From 15th Street Viaduct toward Union Station 1989
From the 15th Street Viaduct, looking northeast at Denver Union Station     1989

I got real lucky and got two very good images the same day...sounds easy; it is not. 

In fact, images were taken 200 yards away the same day.  Illustrates the viaduct system over the rail lines, and the Post Office Terminal Annex trucks. 

The Post Office Terminal Annex was the ONLY action in the lower downtown area in the mid-late 1980's for actual "commerce" (government). 

Scary thought. 

Some say cow town...?  I will testify, it was a ghost town in lower downtown.

 Under 16th Street Viaduct looking at Union Station  1985
Under the 16th Street Viaduct looking northeast at back of Union Station     1985

The photo above was taken in the hot summer.  I actually remember the slightly cooler feel of a tiny breeze. The massive northwest wall of the Post Office Annex was 50 feet from this spot - a long, corrugated, metal sloped roof covered a 100 yard square tunnel that looked like this image.  Ten people walked by this area in a day - now thousands. 

I took more images on the south part of Union Station.  The 16th Street Viaduct was next to Union Station by half a block.  The next closest viaduct was the 10th Street Viaduct on the north. 

Behind Denver Union Station    1989
Directly center (track 2) behind Denver Union Station looking north     1989

Train passenger platforms, some led downward to passageways under the tracks. 

  Directly center (track 3) behind Denver Union Station looking north. 1985
Directly center (track 3) behind Denver Union Station looking north     1985

The rail lines close to the station had passenger traffic.  Lines reached 20 -  mostly for various supply and wholesale usage.  Now, passenger travel is back and the Platte Valley and the area has become viable and relevant once again...what is old is new again. 

I literally walked the entire valley without obstruction.  Stop lights were unthinkable.

  Track 6 area behind Denver Union Station looking east. 1990
Track 6 area behind Denver Union Station looking east     1990

Hey, what were signs for anyway?  No one was here, no one really cared... 

This is now the location of the Cadence at Union Station. Two huge prints of mine hang in their lobby...thank you to David Zucker of Zocalo Development.

  Under the 16th St. Viaduct near now Little Raven St./Riverfront Park. 1996
Under the 16th Street Viaduct near the now Little Raven Street/Riverfront Park     1996

Rabbits and birds, birds and rabbits.  The massive concrete roots of the 16th Street Viaduct spanned the Platte Valley.  The streetcars and rail lines proud role completed, a new spirit takes root...my concerns for nearby Confluence Park?  Of course...

  "Below" demolition of the 16th Street Viaduct near the now Little Raven Street,
"Below" demolition of the 16th Street Viaduct near the now Little Raven Street,
 behind Union Station     1987

One of several back roads to the Skyline Cafe and Saloon.  The "way" was passed around by secret club members on a "tattered pirate map", guiding us behind Union Station, driving the back roads of lower downtown...some were actually more back roads than most.

  Track 3 behind Denver Union Station. 1985
Track 3 behind Denver Union Station     1985

 Track 3 behind Denver Union Station. 1985
Track 3 behind Denver Union Station     1985

I was mesmerized by this captivating platform and station composition - quiet times remained, allowing me some last views...

  Deconstruction of tracks behind Denver Union Station     1993
Deconstruction of tracks behind Denver Union Station     1993

The beauty and the beast...framed sweetly.

Under Wewatta Street/20th Street Viaduct looking southeast at Union Station area     1986
Under Wewatta Street/20th Street Viaduct looking southeast at Union Station area     1986

North wing of Union Station from above the Wynkoop Brewing Company     1988
North wing of Union Station from above the Wynkoop Brewing Company     1988

We have viewed a complete circle of views emanating from the front of Union Station. 

When I photographed the Wynkoop Brewing Company, I went up several floors to look out onto the decimated area of a city that had seen better days...

The small but impressive north wing of Union Station being demolished on the far right. 

Now, the towering Glass House is beyond to the west, flanked by the new Denver. 

Take a walk...young and old are companions.

Skyline Cafe
  From Wewatta ramp on 20th Street Viaduct, looking northwest     1989
From Wewatta ramp on 20th Street Viaduct, looking northwest     1989

This image is the most recent I have.  It illustrates the storefronts set in an industrial and partial junkyard, barrel cleaning warehouse, and two large abandoned buildings. 

We will start here and go backwards...you can see the abandoned Flour Mill Building on the left, the "Dave Cook" building on the right.  The flat area in front was part of a mismatch of decades of neglect...under and beyond the 20th Street Viaduct. 

The Skyline Cafe and Saloon was pat of my Holy Trinity of bars.  The Cruise Room and the Terminal Bar completed this club. 

It was "hard" to get to - three ways - all kind of sketchy for most people.  One route went from the 20th Street Viaduct, the second route was from behind the railroad Head House - now the Chophouse - go under the 20th Street Viaduct and north six blocks into a bizarre, dusty and desolate neighborhood.  The third way was from way south under the 15th Street Viaduct at Delgany Street - zigzag five blocks behind Union Station and go under the  20th Street Viaduct and enter the "forgotten neighborhood".

Storefronts in lower downtown in the 1980s...NEW storefronts.  So weird...!

  From the "Skyline" at 29th, looking south into lower downtown. 1989
From the "Skyline" at 29th, looking south into lower downtown     1989

Here's the deal:  the "Skyline" was an eccentric place, a mix of crazy malcontents, dreamers set in a dusty, wild west setting, only blocks from downtown.  The Foxhole bar nearby was a late night gay and lesbian bar, so the area at that time was an open mix of interesting urban characters.  A small haven for the curious urban adventures in this strange little place of Denver.

  Front of Skyline Cafe on 29th Street - near Huron Street, looking north     1988
Front of Skyline Cafe on 29th Street - near Huron Street, looking north     1988

Great car.  Railroad tracks. Small sign.  Stucco wall.  Billboard sign.

An oasis in the wasteland.  Guinness on tap.  Jimi Hendrix on the Juke box.

 Next to bar at the Skyline Cafe in 1986
Next to bar at the Skyline Cafe in 1987

So, you walk in...all bar wood, funky, friendly and a vibe out of a weird movie of location and time with its merry pranksters.

I was not a guy to take pictures of people much...this image is poor - just a lousy shot...gives you a little idea, however, of the look inside.  Just a funky place put together with energy and love that truly was a unique and mellow place at day with some bands at night.  Mary Corbin and Joe, along with son Kevin Corbin, owned the Skyline.  It turned Mary and Joe gray.  Kevin was a trip...we had some times...what a place.

  Front of Skyline Cafe at 797 west 29th street looking north     1988
Front of Skyline Cafe at 797 west 29th Street looking north     1988

These were my favorite times/scenes of the Skyline - unassuming, a paradox.


 Front of  Skyline Cafe on 29th Street     1986
Front of Skyline Cafe on 29th Street  - inside junkyard looking north     1987

A couple of abandoned old 1930's cars were now just shells, languishing in a field - time had forgotten, no one knew was even here...?

I told you, a weird little place.

The calm before the storm...

Matchbook from the Skyline Cafe
Matchbook cover from the Skyline Cafe & Saloon 
  2998 Huron Street, looking southeast towards the Skyline Cafe at end of block     1987
2998 Huron Street, looking southeast towards the Skyline Cafe at end of block     1987


This scene is the complete opposite end of Huron Street looking back into the lower downtown and downtown areas.  It was sad to see the decay, peoples' lives, fields and overgrown weeds. 

The city can be cruel, time moves on...

I grabbed a glimpse for you.

From one Skyline to another skyline...a toast.

Thank You
  DIA ground breaking ceremony, Mayor Federico Pena, left     1989
DIA ground breaking ceremony, Mayor Federico Pena, left     1989

Mayor Federico Pena was the driving force behind DIA and aided historic measures taken to protect lower downtown's major buildings.  Long drive on gravel roads out to Tower Road and somewhere...?  A barren field.  I was early and just waited and circled around to evaluate other photographers. 

Six wonderful, interesting years, hundreds of  blogs...packed in some good action!

Readers, you have years of reading with our produced work; you can always use as staple of relevant art and history. Enjoy this work; we made it with pride. 

Some readers write us with emotion, from memories - it is important to them.

My testament, love and commitment to Denver.  A great vibe of appreciation is felt; I have connected some dots...

Denver Photo Archives is a boutique photo print seller...every aspect has been on a very small, passionate level here in Denver. We have done exhibitions; we have done lectures and galas!  We have done a fine site for you... Thank You.

You have loved our site; we do too.  We are just taking a long side step...

Time of our life, great fun having our work seen on this interesting journey! 

Denver has rocked; we are right in there; good things are ahead for all of us.

Doing this website was absolutely one of the best endeavors I have ever done!

I have been very fortunate to have Janet James as webmaster!  We have known each other over 20 years, a delight.  Friends, then working together for a  "smooth" successful offering of photography and writing for six years.  We just took it step by step with Janet's guidance, and we just took off this art scene.  I can be fragmented on occasion and not the easiest to understand...Janet has helped the process of building a quality website, and we still all go out and have a beverage as friends.


  From gazebo, looking west at City Park Pavilion building     1990
From gazebo, looking west at City Park Pavilion building     1990

Boarded up, windows broken and a leaning tree; the pavilion was worn.

We have walked around City Park for 24 years; the pavilion has been redone and features great summer concerts. 

The late Carla Madison was a friend of ours from the mid 1990s. She went on to be elected Denver District 8 City Council from 2007-2011.  Carla, sadly, at 54 years, moved onto another world.  Carla was a spirit of hope and possibilities, a great bridge of resolving a challenge.

Her husband, Paul Weiss, has done great work with various community events and various events at City Park, the Uptown Sampler. Paul is a great dude; he knew the comedian/playwright, Don Becker, I knew from 7th grade...a journey.

The new building being built on Colfax Avenue and York Street is going to be an amazing City of Denver Recreation Center!  It will be named after Carla Madison! Wow, a special woman, a special community building!

  The Rocky Mountain Lofts building at 19th Street and Wazee Street     1989
The Rocky Mountain Lofts building at 19th Street and Wazee Street     1989

This building was one of many buildings (most were large warehouses) renovated during a six year span in lower downtown.  The building was converted from a mostly empty furniture store into lofts.  The renovation architect was once again a guy who did many "early" projects...his name is Joe Simmons and his company is Blue Sky Studio.  Some great early times, slow motion.

This was taken from the Dairy building/alley trash alcove, now cinder blocks, looking onto the snowy parking lot at 19th Street and Wazee Street.  This exact area is now part of the large Dairy Block Hotel and office/retail.  The developer is McWhinney of Denver.

  Club 21 at 21st Street and Arapahoe Street looking north     1985
Club 21 at 21st Street and Arapahoe Street looking north     1985

The Paris Hotel hosted the location of Club 21.  Great building, once many good times.  Renovation was late in the winter and it was REALLY cold.  The project - turning it into lofts - was a really rough, cold and dirty job.

My old hippy pal, Ron Payne,told me he delivered beer there once.  Looking north towards Broadway, to the Progresso Building at 23rd (Park Ave West), has been for many years RedShift Gallery and Framing.  A great image.

  Future location Five Points Media Center at 29th Street and Welton Street     1986
Future location Five Points Media Center at 29th Street and Welton Street     1986

Future Five Points Media Center development, Channel 12, KUVO.  This place is a gift - wonderful music and video, food for your mind.  This location is at the upper end of the Welton corridor; it has solidified the area.  Our modest home is in the neighborhood; glad to be in the Five Points Media Center trance.


  16th Street, one way/16th Street Viaduct, looking east towards Blake Street     1987
16th Street, one way/16th Street Viaduct, looking east towards Blake Street     1987

Excellent composition, possibly mundane, however.  But, look at change; this alley between Wynkoop and Wazee streets has a viaduct running through it and over it, slicing above the ground. This huge wall is the end/beginning of the 16th Street  Viaduct and the alley.  The alley also cuts through north and south.  The area was just boarded up - not too much commerce going on, I'll tell you that. The early pioneer of alley business, the Wines Off Wynkoop, is now 100 feet from the location shown in the image above.

A shout out to Jonathan and Lisa at Wines Off Wynkoop - sweet.

 Denver Tea Room at top of Denver Dry Department store     1986
 Denver Tea Room at top of Denver Dry Department store     1986 


I admit, I went the last week...it's day had passed.  Too bad; it is killer!  This location is now part residential. The entire building in a MAJOR renovation could have been a huge market; it would have been a "miniature Coors Field" - success and attraction all year...it would have been unbelievable.

  Window display of the Denver Dry Department store on 16th Street Mall     1987
Window display of the Denver Dry Department store on 16th Street Mall     1987


This scene is so lame, yet it actually showed the story of a window fashion, no one coming by for whatever I was thinking...?  I would have given a grade of "D" for this image, yet...that was it - an aged store and not too many people around.  So, it ended up serving some purpose...we have come a long way from the great talent and hard work of many people.

A viewing of a variety of images; some scenes I wanted to publish!  Thank you!

People have inspired or helped me along the way - have a reverence for me as part of the ritual for a mutual path in  art - as being some part of figuring out, adding to exciting thoughts of creating great work/photographs.

THANK YOU: Chris Augliera (Englewood Camera), Patricia Calhoun (Westword, Eric Edmondson (Roach Photo), Susan Froyd (Westword), Janet James (Webmaster), Jim Kroll (Denver Public Library), Ron Landuci (Infinite Editions, Suzi Medina (Signal Graphics), Ray Rinaldi (Denver Post), Paul Skillman (Colorado Moulding), David Zucker (Zocalo) and Ken Hamel (Denver Arts Org).

My Parents
Moonlight serenade, two people from Iowa... kinda.   Denver     1946
Moonlight serenade, two people from Iowa... kinda.   Denver     1946

A rare image I have of early inspiration of falling in love...it almost brings me to tears. 

Two people completely different that met, shared the same home state, went off into anew world together in Denver.

My Father was born in Mason City Iowa in 1927.  His family moved to 7th and Fox Street in the early 1930's, tough little neighborhood.  My Dad was streetwise, after he came back from the Army in WWII in Europe, he was even  more streetwise...

My Mother was born in Ashton, Iowa in 1923.  She moved to Denver in 1942.  She wanted to be a beautician, never seemed to happen.  Kids, my Dad...god, she never knew what a complex man he was...my Mother closer to sainthood.

My Dad used to LOVE to drink in the neighborhood bars.  Everyone smoked. My Dad needed to bury some sort of pain, I know - from childhood, or maybe the war.  He loved that relief very much.  My Mom drank and smoked "socially", back then many moms smoked and drank - some while pregnant.

  My father Russell Allen - U. S. Army, Denver. 1945
My father Russell Allen - U. S. Army, Denver. 1945

My Dad was in Belgium in 1945 - railroad supply depot, various goods.  He never talked about the war...brought back some huge German flags as big as a room, a "silver" eagle and "symbol".  He just never talked about it...about much, to me.

He sold all his stuff in 1961. A weird story...we never talked much really. 

He had his reasons; he was thrust into a world war - we will never know.

He kept his Baretta hand gun.

  My parents 1st home, 1301 Trenton Street. 1953
My parents 1st home, 1301 Trenton Street     1953

This house is where I was born and lived until two years old. My brothers, Russ and Trent, and  I all had the corner lot where, often, planes were flying over and landing at Lowry AFB, basically for training. We have a lot of videos of them flying over...and over...and over...and over...

It was the American Dream: work hard, get ahead.  My parents did and it worked. My Dad was a carpet layer - damn good one.  Made a "ton" of money at that time as a blue collar guy, bought modern furniture - still great today.  My Dad had a great eye for furniture.

My Mother was always a great mother to all of us - a lucky stars of a wonderful mother - a better mom a son could not ask for...

  My Dad, Russ Allen, fishing in Colorado     1956
My Dad, Russ Allen, fishing in Colorado     1956

Poised for a big catch, my Dad did fashion himself a weekend fisherman - a bit of a Renaissance man of hard work and advancement as well...the American Dream - no matter what strata you were on, people tried to make their life better.

  Left to right: Robert Cassidy, guide, Russ Allen (Denver) in Canada     1956
Left to right: Robert Cassidy, guide, Russ Allen (Denver) in Canada     1956

This is back in the day, my Uncle Bob with my Dad - similar, yet different men, looking gracious of a big haul and exciting adventure.

Bob was there after the end for my Father.  That is a major shock; they linked for a personal experience. It is major respect I feel for Bob Cassidy.  Georgia Cassidy has been the liberal glue. Long live seeing the DNC in person!

A prayer for Bob Cassidy...a great man.  My friend and Uncle.

  A winning award photo, Sioux City, Iowa Journal     1940
A winning award photo, Sioux City, Iowa Journal     1940

I am not sure about the story behind this photo of my Mom. She liked to write and enter contests. She was a senior at Saint Josephs Patriarchal High School.  I believe she could have been an excellent writer; it is not easy. My Mom had it...but never able to take a walk on the other side, to immersion. The curse did not get her possibly?  Compassion for others was always strong, giving and helping others.  My Mom had genuine empathy for many...this picture makes me SMILE.  Look at that sweet young woman's mind - ready to head out west to Colorado.

  Betty Allen leaning on wall at Civic Center, Denver     1943
Betty Allen leaning on wall at Civic Center, Denver     1943

Not the greatest shot - the idea is of the Civic Center attracting my Mom.  I have walked by those exact railings, been in the City and County Building, almost to the top.  My Mom - at a wonderful, adventurous time of moving west and starting a family.

  Radio station KIMN baby... "Just call me Kim" slogan. 1955
Radio station KIMN baby... "Just call me Kim" slogan. 1955

My parents' friends worked for the papers; this press is because they thought it was a good idea to use me for the official KIMN baby. KIMN in the day, was epic here!

Donna Jo Strever is holding me; she is Miss America's sister...wow.  Priceless.

  1935 South Xavier Street Denver, my old home.
1935 South Xavier Street Denver, my old home

I grew up in this home from two years old to twenty years old from 1957 - 1975.  My Mom continued living there; I would visit and do work, usually in the Spring.  This home initiated me to urban interaction.  I had great times, really, through all my experiences of growing up in southwest Denver.  Our home was very cool, many great vibes; the reason for great times was my Mother. 

I helped her like a husband; she helped like a wife.  We were friends because all of us were open minded.  She hosted the "kitchen" hours.  Those evenings of watching Tom Snyder doing his Tomorrow Show at midnight, then all the great music on TV of the Midnight Special and another similar program...well, the stuff was KILLER!  Great progressive conversation and great music promoting the new vibe of the 1960s - 1980s revolution of a changing liberal world!  That house made me in many ways.  My Mom worked very hard; it was hard on her. 

It was hard on my Father. He worked hard, bought a home. He had demons, I know well; they cost him his home and family - we never were family.  It was a sad story.  Dad, hope you are proud of me; you told me to work with my head and not hands...gosh, I did plenty of physical work...it was OK Dad.

I never had children; these images are my children, in my own way of course.  Please, my hope is they go out and stimulate some thought and respect for art and curiosity and add just a little to our world.

  My Mother, Betty Allen, and Father, Russ Allen, at 13th Street and Jersey Street     1979
My Mother, Betty Allen, and Father, Russ Allen, at 13th Street and Jersey Street     1979

My parents, standing in front of his home at 13th and Jersey in the Krameria section of Denver; he lived there for 10 years.

You know what?  My parents still always loved each other.  It was happy and sad for both of them.  I do not think they ever truly got over their sadness.

I lay on my bed and wonder - are Mom and Dad talking?  Are they with Candice's Mom and Dad, talking too? 

Cast those regrets away; we have all done the best we could. 

Thank you both for your part in forming my life. 

Been a wonderful journey, defying description!

  North wing of Denver Union Station preparing for demolition - looking north     1988
North wing of Denver Union Station preparing for demolition - looking north     1988

Candice likes this image a lot.  It was the first digital print I ever printed - 16" x 24".  My work was through a dark room, very well done.  I was so nervous about the quality of this first print from digital.  The drum scan was great; the image looked excellent!  Ron Landucci printed it, and still prints for me.  It is a special image for Candice and me, a unique image.  The guys at Amtrak baggage called me for a heads up on demolition.  This photo and all the rest are dedicated to you, Candice!

Seventeenth Street and Harrison Street in 1988 is where we met.  Candice always lived in the inner city - even in her youth in her hometown Durango.  She taught at Chinle before I knew her and loved it.  We liked the same music - it was a good sign.  She turned me onto the great music of the Neville Brothers and the Amazing Rhythm Aces as well, etc.  We never had children - everyone has their gig.  We had a modest, yet exciting lifestyle; it was REALLY fun! 

A partner of twenty six years is substantial.  I have been very fortunate.  Candice and her Mother, Jo, stepped right in with me and my Mom...we were cut out of the same cloth and Candice and I continued urban living in the Five Points area, just blocks away from the 715 Club.

  From 18th Street area looking south at north wing dismantlement into oblivion     1988
From 18th Street area looking south at north wing dismantlement into oblivion     1988

Yep, soul mates.  I was lucky,  Met my best friend when times were the hardest.  Strength happens from difficult circumstances.  A journey together gets better in most ways.  We have laughed more than our right sometimes...simple, wonderful times in Colorado, and Denver, for the majority of time.

Traveled the state, seen it grow.  Candice used to drive it for work to little towns...I used to go with her sometimes - what a wonderful time.  Colorado is an awesome place, getting more crowded; we will be in for more stress...

When a soul mate goes through a parent's death with you, it is bonding.  We have seen both our wonderful mothers off; we were lucky.  Best moms a person could ask for, so my relationship was exciting, and familiar of Denver and Colorado things...sweet.

  North wing of Union Station dismantlement into oblivion... 1988
North wing of Union Station dismantlement into oblivion... 1988

A similar view...the place was built like a fort; it just was too low, no square feet to make money from?  It was doomed, timing is what it is all about...the IMA building is outstanding...been a long time coming.

Similar scene, huge stones on the north wing - been vacant, parking was servicing the sparse commerce.  The soon-to-be Wynkoop Brewing Company would soon open a block away at 18th Street and Wynkoop  Street.

Candice helped me; we have had galas and New York times...a confident and happy smile; we have been lucky.  Just a dip in the water...we all have our worlds.  This has been a good one for damn sure...many wonderful moments earned.  Colorado heritage, an appreciation of beverages, etc. - a great city and state.  We will take it gladly.

It is not all wine and roses...it is not easy living with a creative mind that strives for financial existence...tell you, it isn't easy on my side.  It is not easy on her; you have to believe in the value of art.  Candice believes in art; it is not without the cost of the baggage inherent in the difficulty of selling excellent art.  It is maddening.

Candice deserves a medal.

  From above Wynkoop Brewing Company, looking west at Union Station     1987
From above Wynkoop Brewing Company, looking west at Union Station     1987

An overview, parking lot and no buildings behind Union Station...part of soon-to-be demolition of bottom right north wing.  On the far left, the old Post Office Terminal with the 16th Street Viaduct alongside.

This website happened because Candice believed in the images; she believed in me - part of this journey; an important ingredient in our life and for Denver too!

This event was a "dream" for me.  The images "just had to be seen".  It would have destroyed my will had these images never been seen..Candice and my webmaster, Janet James, were rock solid.  Thank you!

Life goes on for all of us; we just keep moving, curiosity.  Curiosity.  Every part of this gig has been fascinating - sales, peoples' comments, validation, wonderful times of milestones.  Telling you, we were lucky to have ever seen this work...my mind was frozen.  This is a moment of a slight shift once again...which is good.

Candice, thank you!

We thank all of you that have grown, learned and "taught art" together with us.  Wow!  What a mine/mind field out there, boys and girls...my, my my. 

Doing this website has personally been an inspirational and gratifying experience.  Candice believed in me; we gave back to her in a long journey, Denver...

These photos are for you, Denver...from Candice! 

Cherish these pearls...!

With deep gratitude and love...thank you, Candice!


- Kim Allen 

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