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Biennial of the Americas 2015/MCA
JUNE 1, 2015
A Strange Alley
  1400 alley of Wazee/Wynkoop St. looking south. 1985
1400 alley of Wazee/Wynkoop Streets,  looking south     1985

A strange alley, a strange boy. 

Joni Mitchell sings "A Strange Boy" on her Hejira album of 1976. 

A strange boy weaving a course of grace and havoc. 

What a strange-strange boy. 

Saw cars as sets of waves a thousand glass eyes seeing.

  1500 alley; now the area of Wines Off Wynkoop. 1986
1500 alley -  now the area of Wines Off Wynkoop     1986

A related story of a Madame on Christmas Eve at 16 - a journey too soon?

A boarding house family, a mother - she thought she had raised her sons well.

Love, instant karma, a strange-strange alley

 North at 16th St. Viaduct/Wynkoop alley, prior Tattered Cover left. 1989
North at 16th Street Viaduct/Wynkoop alley, prior Tattered Cover left     1989

A couple bottles...the 16th Street Viaduct and no one around; looks like a movie set. 

Denver, cow town, 1989.  Yep.

1500 alley of Wazee/Wynkoop looking south at 15th St. Viaduct. 1989
1500 alley of Wazee/Wynkoop looking south at 15th Street Viaduct     1989

A normal quiet alley afternoon, during "the hibernation" period in lower downtown.

Rebirth, finally found.

A strange alley.

 From 20th St. and Washington St. looking west. 1992
From 20th Street and Washington Street, looking west     1992

This may be my most "Chamber of Commerce" essay...?

I have been around many decades...Denver was small and dreamed big. 

From a liberal, hibernating, "western", cow town,  Denver has awakened. 

From no professional sports teams to 4 in a relatively short time was epic for Denver.  Infrastructure, development, outdoor activities, transportation, education, and neighborhood rebirth.  Infill and civic projects are creating a vast density.  Population is at an all time high in Denver. 

News Bulletin to those living under a rock:  The world's population is growing and diversity is taking its "normal" course.  Denver has worked hard; it is rocking.  Keep real...embrace our fine city, take in the local treasures.  Be cool, not stupid...we tell the rookies. 

DIA, D.A.M., Union Station, D.C.P.A, Central Platte Valley/River North, and LoDo have created a city full of opportunity, yet truly is only starting on a long, firm climb upward of strength!

 Elitch Theatre at 38th and Tennyson St. 1989
Elitch Theatre at 38th and Tennyson Street     1989

Bask in it, let's buy some art...a gift for yourself. 

Yes, a "friend" for you; it is about connection. 

The appreciative recipient – the circle completed.

Biennial of the Americas 2015/MCA Denver

Now? Now!  Art exhibit at MCA July 15 - August 30

Under 15th St. Viaduct looking S.E. near Delgany St. 1991
Under 15th Street Viaduct, looking southeast near Delgany Street     199

The print above will show viewers the viaduct system and soon-to-be demolished infrastructure's of the Central Platte Valley.  An amazing journey of Denver on the cusp of old and new...this intersection of Delgany Street and 15th Street is seen now as what was a common scene in the 1980's of this area behind Union Station and between 15th Street and 16th Street. 

We are so stoked to be pat of the Biennial of Americas 2015 exciting and educational events.  A group exhibit at MCA Denver - Now? Now!  We will present 12 prints of the Delgany Street and 15th Street/Viaduct area 1986 - 1992. 

*Lauren Wright Director of the Biennial of Americas 2015 selected images.

*Thank you to Lauren Wright and assistant Anya Pantuyeva!

*Thank you to host Adam Lerner, Director of MCA Denver!

 From 16th St. Viaduct looking S.W. at Delgany St. and 15th St. 1991
From 16th Street Viaduct, looking southwest at Delgany Street and 15th Street     1991

See, we just connect the dots...we are now in the air and another viaduct away. 

Each viaduct went down heading north every couple years, then the area below would mostly be demolished and developed.  We are seeing the deconstruction process here, peeling away the layers to start anew. 

Daniel and Fisher Warehouse No. II remains on the 1400 block of Delgany Street.  Across the street the Monarch Mill, torn down - now the location of MCA.

Roof of Monarch Mill - north, literally, the MCA exact viewpoint. 1988
Roof of Monarch Mill - north, literally, the MCA exact viewpoint     1988

I had my work stored for 12 years, some remembered better than others.  When I viewed this image in particular, and realized the exact location of hovering over the MCA, I was shocked to remember...!  Special toasts!!!

I am very proud to show these images.  I was just climbing around.  It was a game.

 From Wagner Bldg. looking N. W. along 15th St./Viaduct/Delgany St. 1988
From Wagner Building, looking northwest along 15th Street/Viaduct/Delgany Street     1988

Well, who would have thunk it...?  Behind the scenes, times were a changing...

This was midway of "nowhere" back in the day...between the Wazee Supper Club and Brothers Bar at Platte Street.  The last years of the viaducts, Denver had embraced the viaducts, designs always change.  Denver simply took the next positive step. 

This is all about perspective and respect; it is an ally.  We all have our time; time is to be honored and appreciated.  Many tiny, wonderful moments, past and present - they inform a wise and rich part of our soul. 

Thank you to my wife, Candice Connally, our friend and webmaster - Janet James!


-Kim Allen

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