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wednesday, June 1, 2011


Coors Bicycle Classic - Vail   1987
7- Eleven team. Race winner Raul Alcala (Mexico), 3rd from left     1987

This event in Vail is the finish of the race which began in Aspen.  The men's winning racer is Raul Alcala (7 - Eleven team).  Other riders in photo are, from left to right: Davis Phinney, Andy Hamptein, Raul Alcala, Greg Lemond, Ron Kiefel.

This image brings great combined memories of a magnificent bicycling event and wonderful towns of Colorado.

Some History of This Event
In 1975 the tea company, Celestial Seasonings, founded the annual international race, "The Red Zinger Classic", to promote world bicycling with the emergence of strong American competitors into the sport for the first time.

The race sponsorship and name changed to the "Coors Bicycle Classic" in 1980 - 1988, and became a major race in the world for each of those years.

The race scheduling and ideas were great, have a race in the streets of each host city, and the following day race to another city.

The host cities were Denver, Boulder, Estes Park, Aspen, Vail, Montrose, and Grand Junction.

The town criteriam events were racing laps on a prescribed course through the city.  The competition was intense - great for spectators to witness the power and speed against the beautiful back drop of a Colorado mountain town or city.

The road races between cities were 50 - 100 miles in length and varied in geography from the plains to high mountain passes.

Jeannie Longo of France, Coors Bicycle Classic - Vail 1987
Jeannie Longo of France- center, winning racer in Vail.
On left is Inga Thompson, unknown racer on right      1987



Confluence Park, Denver Tramway Power Building (now the Forney Museum).     1986
Confluence Park, Denver Tramway Power Building (Forney Museum)     1986

Some of this image was literally this way for hundreds, probably thousands, of years.  The water - and people swimming in it - are at the confluence of the Platte River and Cherry Creek River.  Countless Indians swan in this location.  The landscape view was prairie and tepees.

Natural grasses grew on the banks of the pristine rivers at the base of the Rocky Mountains and edge of the High Plains.

Time brings change in a city, and the Denver Tramway Power Company was built in 1901 to provide power for Denver's large trolley car system.

The Forney Museum became popular for the viewing of transportation relics such as train cars, horse drawn carriages, cars and motorcycles, even a wax museum.  The Forney Museum has relocated to 4303 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO.  Their number is 303-297-1113.

The exciting business of REI is now located here, and has been a great company for the Denver community.

The area now is smashed all together of bridges, a pitiful river front of beach on the east and concrete on the west.

Power lines loom above, the rivers below sad from poor planning. The park and river should be completely redesigned, the area could be something special.

It is a huge challenge, a small space and a lot of activity. Unfortunately, nothing short of a major and complete renovation of this special place will revive its beauty.

My wife Candice and I still go there with our God son, Cullen and his dog "Wattie"; it is close, mostly fun.

For additional images and commentary, please refer to the MCA Denver section.

- Kim Allen

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