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Tuesday,  June 1, 2010

Karle Seydel - "Mr. Ballpark"

Wazee Street looking north from 17th Street and
construction of Coors Field     1993

Back in 1982 in Lower downtown Denver when I started to photograph the area - I always saw this guy driving around in his old Volvo grinning with pride of his neighborhood.

We wondered what our respective reasons were to bring us together?

Those brief drive-bys by Karle started a friendship of 28 years of mutual interests and friendships.

Yesterday - I was told of the sad news of Karle's death, and a tribute to him at his Funeral Service at St Luke's Episcopal Church in Denver.

I have lost a true friend; he was always there in spirit.  We thought the same; Denver was in his veins...

The community has lost a wonderful soul, one with an easy and quick, genuine smile, and a large laugh.  His curious and optimistic nature allowed him many dear friends in all walks of life. We were blessed to have Karle in our lives!

Karles service at St. Luke's Church were attended by over 300 people.  Friends and family of the community — architects, city planners, newspaper media, developers, and long time friends.  We all knew we just lost a great friend.

2047 Larimer Street, top floor was Karle's office     1989

When you view the images below, this is what Karle saw — his vision for the future for the gentle and abandoned area that needed his help.  Karle's dream for the resurrection of these buildings has happened.

Blake street looking west and 20th Street Viaduct on left.
Fireman's Grain Elevator and gas station.     1986

Karle wanted to save the gas station in the foreground for relocation. Sadly it met its demise in the years to follow.

"Student Mover's" building on the right at 2145 Blake Street.
Only building to remain for incorporation into Coors Field design.      1986

Karle always loved that Penguin atop the "Blake Street Studio" building on the left.  He was a kid at heart.

Herbs Hideout Bar at 2057 Larimer Street.      1987

This was Karle's view from across the street from his business office of Urban Options at 2048 Larimer Street.

21st Street West of Blake Street, looking West.     1988
Coors Field now occupies this location.

Blake Street looking north from 22nd Street     1988

This was it - empty alcohol bottles, a field and power lines, Karle dreamed of a ball field.

Burlington Hotel at 2201 Larimer Street.  The Whiskey Bar now is on far left     1989


Note:  Donation of choice for Karle's life to Historic Denver Inc

For additional images and commentary, please refer to the Coors Field section.

I went to the Vogue as a child, ages 7-10 years old with my parents.   We drove from our Harvey Park neighborhood east to the Platte Park neighborhood on South Pearl Street.

Popular movies of the early to mid 1960's were featured and we saw Elvis movies and Disney films.

The Vogue was an absolutely small theatre outside and in.  I remember being handed a ticket by my parents and walking towards the concession stand with excitement. The "Flicks" chocolate, the liquorice, popcorn and pop.  Then, gleefully going into the theatre.  It was wonderful.

Years later, the still wonderful Pearl Street block had changed some — the interest for contemporary artistic movie  presentations was emerging

These images below are a couple of very interesting marquee images that represent that era of the Vogue.

"Great Directors Festival "- Vogue Theatre     1987

The man at the bottom of the ladder is directing.  It is great shot, hand in pocket, surveying the marquee lettering and his assistant.  It is a funny photograph, it makes me laugh.

"Decline of the American Empire" - Vogue Theatre     1987

This image invokes strong dialog from very emotional views and ideas on the cycles of civilizations.

Can we end?

Questions on nationalism and corruption?
Questions about greed or pollution?
Questions on religion?

I'll let you arrive at your own thoughts...

For additional images and commentary, please refer to my post on The Decline of the American Empire.

- Kim Allen

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