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Artist Statement

My stage Denver; it offered it's beauty daily. Old memories shown ... stories told for free.   The strong brick and design of buildings, amazing viaducts span the Platte River and I-25. Exciting preservation and development, truly a mind blowing adventure.  Theatre, stadiums, railroads and grain elevators, warehouses and homes.

So ... I set out to enhance this pecipice of past and future. The city tells the story through a good image, motivated by my love of Denver and a future gift for you. It was an honor to be on the streets of Denver. These natural, beautiful scenes unveil a desolate aura, a calm before the storm. Energy was underway to rebuild and resign, merge new with old.

To chronicle my romance of lower downtown and the Platte Valley and LoDo area, the images came easily to me. Denver was waiting for me. A journey began for me to compose an awesome photograph. I tried to be the best I could, and yes - ego is involved. Relevant and artistic images. I was out there being your eyes ... Denver gave it to me.

Here it is for you ...

Happy Trails, Kim Allen




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