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About The Photographs

These images were taken by Kim Allen in Denver Colorado from 1982-1995.

Intensive documentation 1985-1992. Nikon camera/optic; Kodak film.

When I photographed Denver, looked at my negatives on light table, bliss.

A pivotal architectural transition/companion of "old and new" the beginning ...

Denver, pertinent crossroad to rebuild in the 1980's - boldly moves forward.

Oil industry decline "up town", LoDo hibernating. Downtown was stagnant and infrastructure deteriorating. Behind the scene progressive decisions were made by architects, developers, banks, merchants, and historians moving Denver to respect our architectural heritage as we progressed.

These images capture Denver 1980's-1990's the vanguard of Denver and lower downtown repurposing old warehouses, densification began. Literally an amazing phenomena of Denver embracing western heritage. The rapid redesign of infrastructure ...excitement was in the air. I walked around and slowly documented some beautiful and strong scenes for you.

I tried my best to find a great balance in my image. Composition is artistic and educational, it came easy for me. My love of Denver was curiosity and fascination to document Denver superbly and make great images.

Happy Trails ... Kim Allen




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